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PhoneGap JavaScript API

One JavaScript to rule them all.

This JavaScript implementation is intended to be used by all PhoneGap platforms.

A platform implements PhoneGap.exec in lib/phonegap/phonegap.exec.js. This is the magical, platform-specific JavaScript function that bridges the messages between the browser and native architecture.

  1. Installing phonegap-js to a PhoneGap Platform

The recommended approach is to use a Git Submodule called lib/phonegap-js.

$ cd phonegap-platform
$ mkdir lib
$ git submodule add git:// lib/phonegap-js
  1. Implementing PhoneGap.exec

Although all PhoneGap platforms use the same JavaScript source, each platform must define how to communicate with the native architecture.

This is where PhoneGap.exec steps in.

To learn how to implement PhoneGap.exec, please read lib/phonegap/

  1. Defining Extra JavaScript Functionality

Ideally, a platform should not need to define extra functionality.

However, until phonegap-js is battle tested, this is where can declare all of your nasty, proprietary JavaScript.

To learn how to implement extra functionality, please read lib/phonegap/

  1. Building phonegap.x.x.x.js for your PhoneGap Platform

Once you have implemented PhoneGap.exec, you can generate build/phonegap.x.x.x.js and build/phonegap.x.x.x.min.js.

$ make build
  1. Testing phonegap.js for a PhoneGap Platform

Point your PhoneGap application to test/index.html

@TODO This needs to be streamlined better. Perhaps make can copy the generated phonegap.js to the tests directory.


Q: Why are a bunch of tests commented out in test/index.html?

A: In short, no one has got it working yet. Maybe the the tests are not fully implemented. Maybe the API is still not considered common to all platforms. Maybe no one has got around to implementing it. Contributions are welcome!