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The child browser allows you to display external webpages within your PhoneGap application.
A simple use case would be:
- Users can post links, and you don't want your users to exit your app to view the link.
This command creates a popup browser that is shown in front of your app, when the user presses the done button they are simply returned to your app ( actually they never left )
The ChildBrowser has buttons for refreshing, navigating back + forwards, as well as the option to open in Safari.
Note, because this is open source, I could not include the graphics I usually use for the back/forward and safari buttons. I have changed the XIB file to use system buttons ( rewind / fast-forward + action ) Ideally you should modify the XIB to use your own look.
Here is a sample command to open google in a childbrowser :
PhoneGap.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", "" );
June 1, 2010
Added support for orientations, supportedOrientations are passed through to the child view controller. -jm
Sept 13, 2010
+ added callbacks for location change, close, opening in safari,
+ added method to close the browser from js.
( This should allow easy additions for facebook connect as you can monitor the browser's address and respond accordingly. )
+ added images to the XIB, these need to be attached as resources in your xcode project.
Sample use:
var root = this;
/* When this function is called, PhoneGap has been initialized and is ready to roll */
function onDeviceReady()
var cb = ChildBrowser.install();
if(cb != null)
cb.onLocationChange = function(loc){ root.locChanged(loc); };
cb.onClose = function(){root.onCloseBrowser()};
cb.onOpenExternal = function(){root.onOpenExternal();};
function onCloseBrowser()
alert("In index.html child browser closed");
function locChanged(loc)
alert("In index.html new loc = " + loc);
function onOpenExternal()
alert("In index.html onOpenExternal");
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