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Updated to cordova 2.0.0 #91

wants to merge 330 commits into from

Added "write" method
Optimized "read" method
Added index.html Example

macdonst and others added some commits
@macdonst macdonst VideoPlayer will now start YouTube without having to ask the user first 26f0ed9
@macdonst macdonst Fixing escaped xml tag in BarcodeScanner Readme 1baba50
poiuytrez * Java code to java convention (functions starts with a lowercase cha…

* New getSupportedLanguages method
* Java file warnings removed
* Better error handling
* New language parameter
poiuytrez copyright ea73d38
@mgcrea mgcrea Update iPhone/GoogleAnalytics GoogSDK to 1.4 509f936
@mgcrea mgcrea Updated iPhone/GoogleAnalytics ``. c241c2a
@oswell oswell Allow customization of the interface using a optional xib file
Updated to allow the user to define a xib file for the interface.  The
name of the xib file can then be passed into the scan method
@oswell oswell Clean up. 3d8f61c
@maxogden maxogden clean up js style and make readme more accurate. adds to #248 3c26bb4
@maxogden maxogden add compose new tweet bindings, clean up readme. adds to #226 1ebc2ee
@MrBuzzy MrBuzzy JSONKit and ARC
Switch to JSONKit, for compatibility with PhoneGap 1.2 (SBJson was
@devgeeks devgeeks Updated VolumeSlider for PhoneGap 1.2.0 da8b169
@maxogden maxogden add note about phonegap version requirement. adds to #253 194b25d
@maxogden maxogden clean up mapkit js style 5d96af7
@mgcrea mgcrea Added new iPhone/MessageBox plugin. 7990c9a
@maxogden maxogden add examples to readme and cleanup js style. adds to #178 f6d39ae
@maxogden maxogden cleanup sharekit readme 498d112
@maxogden maxogden cleaning up readme and js style in emailcomposer ebed46a
@maxogden maxogden add plugin mapping note to emailcomposer readme ed13a20
@peutetre peutetre Stop messing with textField background color f01e48e
@mgcrea mgcrea Updated `iPhone/MessageBox/` to be more descriptive. c0f2740
@mgcrea mgcrea Created `iPhone/ActionSheet` plugin. 014a687
@mgcrea mgcrea Small fixes for `iPhone/ActionSheet` plugin. e8c6405
@mgcrea mgcrea Minor readme changes. 6fa1847
@maxogden maxogden add oswell's instructions on how to customize barcodescanner overlay.…
… adds to #252
poiuytrez Speech in progress fix cff054d
poiuytrez Full example provided 599d850
poiuytrez copyright modification b3fd9fe
poiuytrez copyright layout d7d7b1a
poiuytrez copyright layout 931335b
poiuytrez copyright layout 3acdd8b
@deedubbu deedubbu Add ChildBrowser plugin for BlackBerry. 703c639
@deedubbu deedubbu Fix issues in BarcodeScanner
 - Escape '<' and '>' characters so XML is displayed properly.
 - Add details to step #3 and add new step #4 in 'Adding the
   Plugin to your project'.
@deedubbu deedubbu Fix BarcodeScanner and ChildBrowser README
Top level of jar file is com and not src directory.
@trentonstrong trentonstrong Fix for Issue #225 (…
…es/225).  PGbcsProcessor.captureSession no longer initialized as autorelease since it's released manually in dealloc.  This prevents a double release crash scenario when an autorelease pool is drained before the controller is dealloc'd.
@brianantonelli brianantonelli 1.2 json support
Modified code to support JSONKit instead of JSON
@brianantonelli brianantonelli Revert "1.2 json support"
This reverts commit 98f028a.
@brianantonelli brianantonelli pg 1.2 json support
Modified code to support JSONKit instead of JSON
@brianantonelli brianantonelli fix package info, cleaning readme 952380b
@buddydvd buddydvd Fix IAP for iOS: apply()'s "this" argument needs to be set.
When I changed the JS callbacks to use `apply()`, I left the
"this" argument set to null. This caused code in InAppPurchaseManager.prototype.updatedTransactionCallback
to fail because references to `this` become null instead
of references to the default instance of InAppPurchaseManager.

This commit modifies the apply() calls to use plugins.inAppPurchaseManager as the "this" argument.
@kwellman kwellman stop web view loading when child browser dialog is closed f0a982b
@maxogden maxogden add pushnotification ios plugin e23b649
@maxogden maxogden add default appdelegate classes ab8f3c0
@maxogden maxogden add pushnotification specific code to appdelegate files 4755887
@maxogden maxogden add installation note to ios pushnotification readme 4b19ab9
@maxogden maxogden hand various device environment values back to js notify callback d1efb8d
@maxogden maxogden remove log function from pushnotification ios plugin 187813f
@maxogden maxogden add note about weak_linking EXC_BAD_ACCESS issue in twitter ios plugi…
…n. adds to #275
@macdonst macdonst Fixing the example which had bad JSON objects. As per issue #293 1d31216
@ttopholm ttopholm Updated applicationPreferences to 1.2.0 +
Signed-off-by: Tue Topholm <>
@ttopholm ttopholm Small update
Signed-off-by: Tue Topholm <>
@ttopholm ttopholm Fixed a small error in js file, thx Michael DeSimone
Signed-off-by: Tue Topholm <>
@lindstedt lindstedt AddService code no longer needed in PhoneGap 1.0. cae78fa
@lindstedt lindstedt Add missing plugins.xml instructions 6079b4b
@macdonst macdonst Issue 210: comment out showHelpOnFirstLaunch d4812ed
@seltzlab seltzlab first commit fa7f8f8
@tomasfejfar tomasfejfar Display a message when navigation failed
- alert is shown with error description
- address panel text changed
- spinner stopped
@triceam triceam Added ExternalScreen plugin for iOS devices 65b0591
Ian Tipton Added instructions to README to help with EXC_BAD_ACCESS issue when u…
…sing iOS 5
@tomasfejfar tomasfejfar iOS > EmailComposer > FIX: Without email account there is an error, t…
…hat also prevents child browser and other plugins from further working

WebKit discarded an uncaught exception in the webView:decidePolicyForNavigationAction:request:frame:decisionListener: delegate: <NSInvalidArgumentException> Application tried to present a nil modal view controller on target
@brianantonelli brianantonelli adding error handler for if tweet is too long df26495
@brianantonelli brianantonelli fixing memory leaks 095f875
Felix Montanez Calendar Plugin
It adds a test appointment to the phone. It needs more work to add data
dynamically from Javascript to Objective-C.

** first plugin so please be gentle **
Felix calendar plugin 7028684
Felix Revert "calendar plugin"
This reverts commit 63d4ae5.
Felix calendar plugin
updated calendar plugin
@macdonst macdonst Typo in the AccountList README (#329) 1fb8c53
@macdonst macdonst Issue #330: One more typo in the AccountList README 4a84e46
Felix Updated collabs 2cf5e9f
Felix updated collab list
added Michael Brooks
@brianantonelli brianantonelli Reworking compose tweet
Merged sendTweet and composeTweet. Changed how optional parameters
(image and url attachments) are sent. Added additional examples for
creating tweets.
@yuvipanda yuvipanda Added onNewIntent and getUri for WebIntent plugin d60a472
@brianantonelli brianantonelli Support for adding both local and remote images. 23d1a9c
@triceam triceam added LowLatencyAudio plugins for iOS and Android, with usage examples 6c83adc
@RaananW RaananW Added EXTRA_STREAM 746223f
@RaananW RaananW Added the possibility to share an image and html encoded text df11b04
Chris Downie Adds the ability to set custom variables to the Android Analytics plu…
@dvtoever dvtoever Android datepicker that uses the same interface as the existing iPhon…
…e datepicker.
@manijshrestha manijshrestha Update Android/StatusBarNotification/statusbarnotification.js 5d9fa20
@manijshrestha manijshrestha Update Android/StatusBarNotification/ 18fa763
@manijshrestha manijshrestha Update Android/StatusBarNotification/ 32e48b8
@oswell oswell Fix issue #280, include overlay view file and fix xib loading. 21394f1
@dvtoever dvtoever Local Notifications for Android 03f41d0
@dvtoever dvtoever Updated format of e94dd14
@devgeeks devgeeks Update iPhone/VolumeSlider/ 66a34b5
@devgeeks devgeeks Fix for deprecations in PhoneGap 1.4.x
Also added PhoneGap.plist instructions in
@devgeeks devgeeks Tidy up for 6df7b61
@samsoir samsoir Updated the DatePicker class to use standard iOS conventions for dele…
…gation and memory management
@samsoir samsoir Fixed a few minor errors with releasing to early. Also ensure the JS …
…returns the date to the PG JS client
@samsoir samsoir Using ISO standard date formatting within the iOS DatePicker.m class c0a0917
@samsoir samsoir Created a new datetime mode to allow date and time to be sent 3c3dd88
@samsoir samsoir More refactoring of the DatePicker implmentation. Created one init me…
…thod for the ActionSheet that accepts its dependencies via DI. All date handling is now internationally recognised ISO. DatePicker will default to UIDatePickerModeDateAndTime unless specified otherwise. All memory is managed properly, making DatePicker plugin play nice in iOS (without ARC)
@libbybaldwin libbybaldwin removed instructions for new activity in AndroidManifest.xml 1858b51
@triceam triceam fixed bug that prevented content to be loaded in external screen's we…
…b view via relative paths. Changed from loading content as a string to using NSURL fileURLWithPath.
@triceam triceam put license back into file 77eb69c
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Cordova 1.5 Support for iOS iAd plugin
Cordova 1.5 Support for iOS iAd plugin
Tested on Lion and Mountain Lion
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Cordova 1.5 Support for ActionSheet iOS plugin e985294
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Begin Migration to /iOS from /iPhone 2750f21
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Manually recreated ActionSheet pull request 346 / Linted .js file 004a536
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan ChildBrowser with Cordova only support
ChildBrowser with Cordova only support. Intended to eliminate dual
PhoneGap/Cordova naming moving forward.
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Cordova Support for BarCodeScanner 088bdde
@pmuellr pmuellr fixes for issue #380 a903694
@devgeeks devgeeks Initial import of Cordova version of the VolumeSlider plugin 2d0a54d
@devgeeks devgeeks Missed a PHONEGAP reference 3f778db
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Cordova 1.5 support ce0cb75
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Email Composer Cordova 1.5 support 83880c9
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan README update 4609ad6
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan README notes 5ae10ee
@JStuhr JStuhr Converted the Badge plugin to Cordova for a project and thought other…
…s might want it as well.
@antijingoist antijingoist Added additional type: "decimalpad" to show the UIKeyboardTypeDecimal…
…Pad when the prompt shows.
@danjordan danjordan Added NativeControls with support for Cordova 1.5 1d7efb6
@danjordan danjordan Updated DatePicker to Cordova1.5.0 a95e23f
@alculquicondor alculquicondor Now works with cordova-1.5.0.jar d52fa47
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan orientation note 5858694
@alculquicondor alculquicondor now works with cordova-1.5.0.jar 8a664a5
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan PayPal Plugin update to 1.4.1 e52c489
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan PayPal Cordova 1.5.0 7a9c489
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan comment out this alert 2cc5687
poiuytrez callback bug fixed ef5a281
Jonathan Fielding Updated Twitter plugin to support Cordova 5169fe8
@GopinathMR GopinathMR fixed compilation error for 'Html' class usage. 4c488e6
@leo-zhao leo-zhao need to change Phonegap to Cordova, since 1.5 called Phonegap as Cordova 039704f
@leo-zhao leo-zhao fixed the header for 1.5 8d7dd48
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan FileUploader CDV 1.5.0 only
Preserve /iphone for PhoneGap - use /iOS for Cordova moving forward.
Not all projects are going to update to Cordova immediately and we
should preserve the PhoneGap plugins.
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Rollback iphone/FileUploader to PhoneGap
Rollback iphone/FileUploader to PhoneGap.
/iOS version has CDV support
@macdonst macdonst Updating ChildBrowser for 1.5.0 f80d9ff
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan PrintPlugin CDV 1.5.0 support fed0d6e
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Updated /iOS/ 8bfb360
@WACSUPPORT WACSUPPORT Initial release version 1.0 of WAC NAPI PhoneGap Plugin 61423ea
@macdonst macdonst Updating FTPClient for 1.5.0 81a26df
@macdonst macdonst Updating TTS for 1.5.0 9b5589a
@macdonst macdonst Fixing ChildBrowser rebase error 0bb5111
@WACSUPPORT WACSUPPORT Deleted to rename the project name dc0f15d
@WACSUPPORT WACSUPPORT Initial version(1.0) of WAC Napi Payment Plugin 9bd2732
@macdonst macdonst VideoPlayer can now play files from the assests folder and updated to…
… 1.5.0
@cewing cewing for complete API consistency, this method should return the browser o…
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan SMSComposer (iOS) CDV 1.5.0 support 7bbdcb2
@cewing cewing install function should also be defined on the ChildBrowser, not the …
…prototype, for complete consistency with iOS API
@ssherriff ssherriff Added ability for videos in assets folder to play
Added in functionality so that if a video is in the assets folder, it
is copied to internal storage and then played from there.
@vishalrajpal vishalrajpal Android Plugin To Extract Zip File 6f01da7
@WACSUPPORT WACSUPPORT Added License file 51618f1
@macdonst macdonst Fixing issue in VideoPlayer README cd03333
@siuying siuying Cordova 1.5.0 support of AudioRecord plugin.
Copied from iPhone/AudioRecord with following changes:
- rename classes for Cordova
- fix bug in stopRecordWithSettings()
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan SMSComposer (iOS) Quick fix for issue 431 5d17403
@svendroid svendroid added emailaddress support 55da81e
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan SMSComposer (iOS) StatusBarHidden fix e4b8cea
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Twitter plugin (iOS) update and issue #430 fix
conforms with org.apache.cordova.*
by changing deprecated super.appViewController fixes Issue #430
@jamesnw jamesnw Add AppiraterPlugin 3d9498b
@jamesnw jamesnw Update iOS/AppiraterPlugin/ 6a6bb88
@jamesnw jamesnw Replace PGPlugin interface with CDVPlugin 57e2a17
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Twitter (iOS) Plugin Issue #430
By changing the order of the if(imageAttach) and if(urlAttach) logic
the remote image preview is stacked on top of the video url reference
in the tweetViewController/Composer hiding the blank thumbnail created
by linking to a video. This creates a better UX and eliminates a
possible Apple HIG issue.
@Viras- Viras- Initital version of new bluetooth plugin for cordova / phonegap 8ee1c40
@josharian josharian Add v0 of iOS plugin 6643bc3
@vishalrajpal vishalrajpal Update Android/ExtractZipFile/www/index.html 7dbf984
@vishalrajpal vishalrajpal Changes for PhoneGap 534f01a
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan NativeControls (iOS) with orientation support and demo index.html iss…
…ue #443

Addresses issue #443
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Added a (iOS) plugin note c81042d
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Manual merge per phonegap#447 2b2e07c
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Added a ApplicationPreferences (iOS) plugin note to c084f18
@Viras- Viras- Adding enable / disable functionality for bluetooth d446386
@mgcrea mgcrea Added Cordova support for `iOS/MessageBox`. fc2db39
@mgcrea mgcrea Updated `iOS/ActionSheet` for Cordova-1.6. cf53c7c
@mgcrea mgcrea `iOS/MessageBox/` tweaks. a10b9c1
@mgcrea mgcrea Added new `iOS/PickerView` plugin for Cordova-1.6+. 985ea13
@brycecurtis brycecurtis Update Globalization plugin for 1.5.0. dc465ed
@shazron shazron PayPalPlugin - Updated for 1.6.0 and JavaScript global namespace cleanup 76a6516
@shazron shazron AdPlugin - Updated for 1.6.0 and JavaScript global namespace cleanup 33feafe
@shazron shazron PayPalPlugin README tweak d5ca1a1
Chris Kihneman add Cordova support to GoogleAnaltics for iOS f1f848d
@mgcrea mgcrea Small bugfix for `iOS/ActionSheet`. 53761e0
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Styling hints per user request… 943d2e5
@mgcrea mgcrea Remove trailing NSLog() calls in `iOS/PickerView`. 5f8906b
@dshookowsky dshookowsky Modified plugin and example for Cordova 1.5 f7aab12
@allesmi allesmi checked for one argument too less 400f99e
@fform fform Updated Testflight plugin for Cordova 1.6 cfba9a0
@macdonst macdonst The readme tries to tell people to update the application tag but bec…
…ause it is inside brackets it is treated as html code and not shown.
@becka11y becka11y Updated Globalization plugin for use with Cordova 1.5 and 1.6 8963a5d
@deedubbu deedubbu Update BlackBerry plugins for Cordova 1.6. d92b52b
@WACSUPPORT WACSUPPORT ReadMe has been updated. 2ecf724
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan 1.6.0 note 3583fe7
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan 1.6.0 Note 37be3db
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Plugin Notes update for 1.6.0 99de072
@brodybits brodybits Fix iOS/DatePicker/DatePicker.js for Cordova 1.5 and 1.6 1e6d82b
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Twitter iOS plugin 1.6.0 9af0561
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Email Composer iOS 1.6.0 6fbcc76
@manishkungwani manishkungwani Commented the missing function viewUpdate() and added a navigator.not…
Felix updated calendar plugin for cordova use b3e66c7
Felix modified readme for updated cordova use 2afc23e
Felix added calendar plugin for cordova 1.6.0 use 08df1e2
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Added Cordova Support & documentation be02e34
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Updated to support sound & callbacks ab09012
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Version support notes for /iPhone repository d225638
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Fresh rewrite of LocalNotifications for use with Cordova 1.6 2435eba
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Removed references / dual support of Cordova fa80ebe
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Cleanup 52533fc
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Fixing the call to Cordova
The Capital C in Cordova.exec causes the plugin to not work. By
changing it to cordova.exec it works as expected.
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Revert "Fixing the call to Cordova"
This reverts commit c6c52c1.
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Fixed Childbrowser for use in Cordova 1.6 81131f9
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan InAppPurchaseManager (iOS) 1.6.0 support edits 3a42a47
@dak dak Changed Cordova.exec to cordova.exec for Cordova 1.6 bebfe52
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Added iOS 5 Twitter.framework notice 5050e7e
@JStuhr JStuhr Updated the Badge plugin for Cordova 1.6.1.
 - Will work in all versions of Cordova.
@JStuhr JStuhr Added a ReadMe to help install and use the plugin. 562e55c
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Added new method getPage
This new method will allow for a single instance of the ChildBrowser to
be directed to a new URL via JS.
@DrewDahlman DrewDahlman Clean up 56cbde4
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan UA PushNotification (iOS) 1.6.0 support 3713a4d
@macdonst macdonst Simple IMEI plugin for Android ba9bbbb
@antoniopironti antoniopironti "Plugins" is in the PhoneGap.plist file. 908974e
@mgcrea mgcrea Tweaking `iOS/MessageBox`, added callable checks on callbacks. 72117df
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan TwitterPlugin (iOS) note
Retested TwitterPlugin (iOS) in iOS 5.1 and Cordova 1.6.1
@macdonst macdonst Updating the ChildBrowser so the web view shows full screen on Android. ae061e8
@Viras- Viras- PowerManagement Plugin update for Cordova 1.6+ a5f316d
@mgcrea mgcrea Added new `iOS/ProgressHud` plugin for Cordova-1.6+. f49d878
@shazron shazron Updated NotificationEx for Cordova 0cd6458
@macdonst macdonst Updating BarcodeScanner plugin to Cordova 0659ccd
@mgcrea mgcrea Missing definition in `iOS/ProgressHud` header interface. da56d5a
@vishalrajpal vishalrajpal Changed README with proper instructions. fe723f3
Randy McMillan Add iOS Retina display detection for button icons 4139af5
Randy McMillan TwitterPlugin (iOS) tested on Cordova 1.7.0 f8ce2bd
@mdreeling mdreeling Added getTwitterUsername api call 3581ed5
@mdreeling mdreeling Remove unused variable ae92aef
@mdreeling mdreeling Sync to master 42709c2
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan UAPushNotification 8e13447
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan UAPushNotification b66b2a6
@Viras- Viras- Updating PowerManagement plugin for iOS and Cordova 1.6
Updating Readme for Android & iOS
@macdonst macdonst Fix problem for case sensitive file systems. 7a2e848
@sebbie1o1 sebbie1o1 update for depricated ADBannerContentSizeIdentifier480/320 -> landsca…
@avantic avantic Initial commit - Diagnostic Plugin 3d18045
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan . c0eb49f
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan Removed UAPushNotification
Removed UAPushNotification Until a fully migrated version can be
submitted by original author.
@RandyMcMillan RandyMcMillan UAPushNotifications Plugin Folder 3e4fe94
@mgcrea mgcrea Added a refactored `iOS/PushNotification` plugin for Cordova 1.6+. ad3e76d
@mgcrea mgcrea Memory crash fixes for `iOS/ProgressHud`. a2416fe
@alexdrel alexdrel Update IOS LowLatencyAudio plugin for Cordova 1.7
According to guidlines added to IOS folder.
PG prefix removed.
@alexdrel alexdrel Existing audio ID reference switched from error to warning (status of…
… OK callback).
@alexdrel alexdrel The version of Appirater compatible with PG added to Class folder.
Javascript interface for appEnteredForeground added.
@pmuellr pmuellr add iOS/WebInspector plugin 9dd92c1
@macdonst macdonst Allow ChildBrowser to read file:// links b1d1f3c
@macdonst macdonst Enabling JavaScript in ChildBrowser 158f29a
@jschwartz73 jschwartz73 Added support for setDeviceIdentifier 3a4cd22
@macdonst macdonst Enabling localStorage in ChildBrowser. 556a5a4
@mgcrea mgcrea Improvements for `iOS/PushNotification`. 3f54ce6
@mgcrea mgcrea Update `iOS/PushNotification` to fix concurrent callbacks failure. c769125
@ojarva ojarva Spelling fix - "retrieve", not "retreive" 8381143
@ojarva ojarva More spelling fixes 3de6bbc
@purplecabbage Merge pull request #80 from purplecabbage/NewMaster
New master
@purplecabbage Merge pull request #68 from sgrebnov/WP7-DateTimePicker
DateTimePicker plugin for windows phone

Do we need to have some update to this built as I am not able to use this plugin with Cordova-1.6.0.
Please advice.

gloob and others added some commits
@gloob gloob Added WindowsPhone/VideoPlayer plugin for Cordova. 3b1aab6
@purplecabbage Merge pull request #83 from gloob/master
Add WindowsPhone/VideoPlayer plugin
@EstebanFuentealba EstebanFuentealba Updated to cordova 2.0.0
Added "write" method
Optimized "read" method
Added index.html Example

I'm not sure if it should be Cordova or cordova for the exec calls? I remember there were some releases in the past where they flip-flopped on the naming convention to match with the Android version of phonegap.

little c

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