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Welcome to the PhoneGap-Plugins wiki!

This repo can be used to store plugins for PhoneGap.

Some sanity checks for anyone wishing to fork and push back:

- Plugins should reside in their own directories, and hopefully live without dependencies ( byte sized )
- Each Plugin directory should contain a directory for each device it supports, and the code needed for that device should all reside in child directories, ( Note: a plug MAY be implemented on ALL or ANY devices, it is up to the plugin developer to decide, as a general rule, it would be nice if your plugin worked on at least 1 device )
- An example plugin ‘NativeControls’ (iPhone Only) demonstrates this structure.
- All plugins should be installed with Javascript in the PhoneGap.addConstructor() method.
- Plugins should contain Per Device info on how they can be installed / used / linked / referenced.


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