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cover Reimagning the way you store and retrieve your screenshots efficiently

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Why I made Ural?

We take a screenshot on our phone whenever we feel it's important. But when we need it at a crucial time you have to manually browse through each screenshot to find the correct one.

Problems Ural is trying to solve:

  • Cluttered phone space
  • Poor management of collections
  • Ineffective search tools

Ural's Approach

  • Ural extracts all the readable content from your screenshots
  • When you need to find your screenshot you will just search the contents inside it

Example: If you take a screenshot of the amazon store page, try searching for the product name or amazon name or the price.

Ural isn't limited to screenshot organizing, Ural's feature is standalone. For example, you can use the Ural's scanner to get a text from images and copy or translate it.


enter image description here enter image description here

Demo Video

Youtube Demostration Link

Thanks to these awesome libraries that made Ural possible

  • open_file
  • photo_view
  • sqflite
  • clipboard_manager
  • url_launcher
  • folder_picker
  • permission_handler
  • workmanager
  • path_provider
  • shared_preferences
  • rxdart
  • http
  • firebase_ml_vision
  • image_picker

P.S: This is just a first build there is alot of work still needs to be done.

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