first functional mod ive made for anything really
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first functional mod i've made for anything really.

to install this mod just replace the Assembly-Csharp.dll file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Slime Rancher\SlimeRancher_Data\Managed with the file you'll get with this.

this mod is designed to test your skills and push your limits, life wont get easy with this mod but a sense of achievement can be obtained with this mod.

just to get you started here are a couple challenges for you.

  • collect and free range one of every ranchable slime on your ranch at once.
  • stay in the indigo quarry for 72 hours straight (in game).
  • free range to the 28th 7zee rank
  • have a hundred elder chickens living in a corral.

more will be added as the mod expands, hope you enjoy the mod.


  • slimes are more difficult to deal with -rocks roll almost constantly
    • crystals produce longer lasting crystals more often
    • booms explode more often, agitation is used to decrease the frequency
    • dervish slimes produce more tornados and while happy, but stop when agitated.
  • selling plorts go for half the listed price on the plort market.
  • plorts explode after a minute (real life)
  • chickens got tweaked.
    • have fun and raise a few.
  • slimes a 0.5% chance to produce a random plort inplace of their own
  • slimes grow hungry twice as fast
  • slimes spawn 3x as much
  • sleeping now takes you to dusk instead of dawn.