An attempt to write an open puppet based integration stack for some needs of ours
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This puppet stack is deprecated. It has been superceded by the stack in

This repo will be deleted after the transition to the new stack. New commits on this stack should only be made to ease the transition to the new stack.

What was orignally a git based puppet workflow has since evolved into what we plan on using for building nexgen servers for Radio RaBe. The main ideas behind this are the following.

  • The deploy and build process is fully automated.

  • Everything is organized in a true roundtrip editable fashion.

  • All code must be in the open to be considered for integration.

As of now I have a working setup that integrates github with jenkins and puppet. Since this works nicely I have begun to write up an architecture overview on the github wiki.

As of now I am progressing nicely towards creating some serious infrastructure based on the above goals. Currently, I am building a fully puppet-managed metro build machine that shall be used by a jenkins/puppetmaster setup that is mostly controlled by puppet. The latter was built in an effort to kickstart the whole next-gen/devops infratructure at RaBe. Here are some of the point I plan on tackling next.

  • finalize metro build infrastructure and make it build our next generation of vserver images

  • create automated infrastructure for

    • creating binary ebuilds for provisioning the new vservers/guests

    • creating glsa update binaries for critical systems

  • start adding linux-desktop stuff to the puppet setup and later also to the build infrastructure

From what I have done with metro over the odd several years I know that it is absolutely possible to roll a specialized desktop distro. This puppet tree shall provide dox on the toolchain and it will also be full of stuff needed for keeping a community radio stations techie stuff as transparent as possible.