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# for initial setup, browse to:
# and it will have a ~/.config/copr config that you can download.
# happy hacking!
import os
import sys
import copr
import time
COPR = 'oh-my-vagrant'
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print("Usage: %s <srpm url>" % sys.argv[0])
url = sys.argv[1]
client = copr.CoprClient.create_from_file_config(os.path.expanduser("~/.config/copr"))
result = client.create_new_build(COPR, [url])
if result.output != 'ok':
# modified from:
for bw in result.builds_list:
print("Build #{}: {}".format(bw.build_id, bw.handle.get_build_details().status))
# cancel all created build
#for bw in result.builds_list:
# bw.handle.cancel_build()
# get build status for each chroot
#for bw in result.builds_list:
# print("build: {}".format(bw.build_id))
# for ch, status in bw.handle.get_build_details().data["chroots"].items():
# print("\t chroot {}:\t {}".format(ch, status))
# simple build progress:
watched = set(result.builds_list)
done = set()
state = {}
for bw in watched: # store initial states
state[bw.build_id] = bw.handle.get_build_details().status
while watched != done:
for bw in watched:
if bw in done:
status = bw.handle.get_build_details().status
if status != state.get(bw.build_id):
print("Build #{}: {}".format(bw.build_id, status))
state[bw.build_id] = status # update status
if status in ['skipped', 'failed', 'succeeded']:
if watched == done: break # avoid long while sleep
else: time.sleep(10)
print 'Done!'
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