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# here is some example usage for some of the shorewall classes and types
# there are not many examples, because most users are interested in this
# because they are using this module as a dependency for another module.
# however, i do think this is a great module! please check out the code,
# and if you need more documentation and/or examples, please contact me!
# most users will find this idiom very helpful so that puppet leaves $FW as $FW
$FW = '$FW' # make using $FW in shorewall easier...
class { '::shorewall::configuration':
# NOTE: no configuration specifics are needed at the moment
# define a zone
$zone = 'net' # use a variable
shorewall::zone { "${zone}":
type => 'ipv4',
options => [],
shorewall::interface { "${zone}":
interface => inline_template('<%= zone.upcase+"_IF" %>'), # eg: NET_IF
physical => 'eth1',
options => ['tcpflags', 'routefilter', 'nosmurfs', 'logmartians'],
shorewall::policy { "$FW-${zone}": # from the fw to the zone
policy => 'ACCEPT',
shorewall::policy { "${zone}-all":
policy => 'REJECT',
logging => 'info',
# define a rule in the traditional shorewall way:
$net = $zone # you may use your own variables!
shorewall::rule { 'kerberos': rule => "
Kerberos/ACCEPT ${net} $FW
", comment => 'Allow Kerberos for krb5 server on tcp/udp port 88.'}
# define a rule using the "library" friendly way.
# NOTE: other parameters are also supported here.
shorewall::rule { "icmp-${zone}":
action => 'ACCEPT',
source => '$FW',
dest => "${zone}",
comment => 'Allow icmp from the firewall zone.',
ensure => present,
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