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Seymour Smith - Dorothy
Piano sheet music by Seymour Smith, including “Dorothy”
Seymour Smith

My favourite piece of piano music is called "Dorothy" by "Seymour Smith". My grandmother [1] used to play it to me when I was young. When she died, I asked if I could keep the piano music.

If you know anything about Seymour Smith, have a copy of any of his sheet music, or would like to send me a recording of Dorothy of any of his other music, please contact me.

Someone on the internet even took the time to make a recording of the piece.

I've scanned in my originals to share.

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[![front cover](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 1.jpg "front cover")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 1.jpg)

[![page 3](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 3.jpg "page 3")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 3.jpg) [![page 4](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 4.jpg "page 4")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 4.jpg) [![page 5](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 5.jpg "page 5")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 5.jpg) [![page 6](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 6.jpg "page 6")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 6.jpg) [![page 7](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 7.jpg "page 8")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 7.jpg) [![back cover](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 8.jpg "back cover")](leona/Seymour Smith - Dorothy - 8.jpg)


  1. (my father's mother)