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PurpleJS is a Javascript application framework running on the Java Virtual Machine.

It's an alternative to Node.js for Java projects. PurpleJS makes it easy to build performant and lightweight Javascript server applications without the complexity of Node.js asynchronous programming model.

PurpleJS gives Javascript developers access to the vast Java community and the robustness and performance of the JVM. Java developers benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of Javascript in their projects.

Use PurpleJS when you want to:

  • code Javascript, but your application needs to run on the JVM
  • build fast and lightweight multithreaded applications with Javascript
  • create server applications with Javascript but access and use Java libraries
  • deliver isomorphic applications - running the same code on both client (i.e. browser) and server
  • build Javascript server applications that run on any infrastructure
  • code fast, no need to compile or re-deploy - especially useful for front-end projects.
  • extend existing Java applications with Javascript
  • participate in the Javascript movement while leveraging your existing investments in Java


Documentation is vital for this kind of project. We are working hard on the docs as you are reading this and promise decent documentation will be available very soon.

For now, please look at our examples: