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  1. Sign up for a Github account.
  2. Install the Github client on your laptop or home computer
  3. Tweet your github username with the #fashioningcircuits hashtag so Kim can add you to the Fashioning Circuits group.
  4. Fork this repository.
  5. Clone the forked repository in your desktop. Pay attention to where you save it!
  6. Open discussionquestions.txt file with your favorite text editor. Right click on the repository from your desktop github. Alternatively, search your files for discussionquestions.txt
  7. Find your name in the text file.
  8. Add a discussion question about the 9-8 readings under your name.
  9. Save the file on your desktop.
  10. Using the desktop Github app, commit and sync.
  11. Check your online Github repository. Your changes should show up there.
  12. Create a pull request.