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Unofficial MyAnimeList PHP+REST API which provides functions other than the official API
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Jikan - Unofficial PHP API

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Jikan is a PHP API for It scrapes the website to satisfy the need for an API - which MyAnimeList lacks.

The raison d'être of Jikan is to assist developers easily get the data they need for their apps and projects without having to depend on the lackluster official API, unstable APIs, or sidetracking their projects to develop parsers.

The word Jikan literally translates to Time in Japanese (時間). And that's what this API saves you of. ;)

Notice: Jikan does not support authenticated requests. You can not update your lists.

Getting Started

  1. composer require jikan-me/jikan
  2. Documentation

❗️ Version ~1.0 is no longer maintained, it's required you use ^2.0.



A REST API service is available as well


Add your wrapper here


  • Anime
    • Main Information
    • Characters & Staff
    • Episodes
    • News
    • Videos/PV/Episodes
    • Pictures
    • Stats
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
    • Recommendations
    • Reviews
    • Recent List Updates By Users
  • Manga
    • Main Information
    • Characters
    • News
    • Stats
    • Pictures
    • Forum Topics
    • More Info
    • Recommendations
    • Reviews
    • Recent List Updates By Users
  • Character
    • Main Information
    • Pictures
  • People
    • Main Information
    • Pictures
  • Search
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Character
    • Person
    • Pagination Support
    • Advanced Search
      • Filters
      • Order By
      • Sorting (Ascending/Descending)
  • Seasonal Anime (Season + Year)
  • Season List/Archive
  • Anime Scheduling (for current season)
  • Top
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Characters
    • People
    • Sub Types & Pagination Support
  • Genre
    • Anime
    • Manga
  • Producers (Anime Listing by a Producer)
  • Magazines (Manga Listing by a Magazine)
  • User
    • Profile
    • Friends
      • Pagination support
    • History
      • All
      • Anime
      • Manga
    • Anime & Manga Lists
      • Pagination Support
  • Club
    • Main Information
    • User List

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Running Tests

composer require jikan-me/jikan --dev

This will download Fixtures as well.


php vendor/bin/phpunit



php vendor/bin/grumphp run


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


Thank you to all our sponsors! You will recieve advertisement/promotive perks. [Become a sponsor]

Release Changelog

v2.8.0 - Apr 30, 19

  • [User List : Anime|Manga]
    • Throw BadResponseException instead of ParserException when the request fails #217
    • Add list filtering & sorting jikan-rest#49
    • Replace StudioMeta, LicensorMeta & MagazineMeta with MalUrl intead
      • This will further provide properties like type, url
  • [Search : Anime|Manga]

v2.7.0 - Apr 14, 19

  • [Anime|Manga]
    • EpisodeListItem aired property to return DateTimeImmutable instead of DateRange
    • [Bug Fix] Stats Score refactoring; returns AnimeStatsScore/MangaStatsScore object instead of array now - #216
    • Fix AnimeListItem/MangaListItem parsing date formats incorrectly
  • [Helper] fix parseDateMDY returning incorrect date
  • [Jikan.php]
    • fix PersonSearchincorrect Request class hinting
    • add UserMangaList
  • [MalClient.php]
    • getAnimeEpisodes with no episodes return empty episodes array now instead of BadResponseException (404)
    • getPersonSearch with no results returns empty array now instead of BadResponseException (404)
    • getCharacterSearch with no results returns empty array now instead of BadResponseException (404)
    • getCharacter returns BadResponseException (404) now if invalid ID is provided
    • Fix guzzle dep injection being overriden in some cases
  • [User]
    • Fix UserProfileParser's getUsername() returning the URL instead of the username
  • Added default values to some models
  • Other minor code and bug fixes

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  • Jikan is not affiliated with
  • You are responsible for the usage of this API. Please be respectful towards MyAnimeList's Terms Of Service
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