Spawn to shell without any credentials by using CVE-2018-10933
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Spawn to shell without any credentials by using CVE-2018-10933

Information about CVE-2018-10933 by libSSH :

Bugfix Release by libSSH :

Find the right server with these fingerprints:

Generate Fake SSH Key for

Create a ssh server that vulnerable to channels OR directly use tool to bypass remote server:

Important : "People trying to reproduce libssh bug: the sample code (samplesshd-cb) is not vuln because it has explicit auth handlers. You can open a channel but nothing will happen."

As we can see this section is just for opening channel. You can't spawn to a shell in server that ran by "samplesshd-cb"

It's just for opening channel. PoCs that i wrote is just for remote hosts.

Download, uncompress and build the vulnerable libSSH Version :

And then compile and run libSSH on your own server with ssh.

PWD: /libssh-0.7.4/build/examples/samplesshd-cb
./samplesshd-cb --dsakey==yourdsakey --port=2222

libSSH Authentication Bypass with two different tools

If you have got any fake ssh keys use the second

pip install -r requirements.txt
If paramiko==2.0.8 doesn't works try : pip install paramiko==2.4.2

python --help
python --help libSSH