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Basic Image Gallery Page (& Multiple Gallery Holder Page) for Silverstripe


Provides basic image gallery functionality to a Silverstripe site.

Designed to provide a simple, fool-proof way for users to add image galleries to their website.

Applies Basic Image Gallery Extension to a PhotoGalleryPage page type, and includes a PhotoGalleryHolder type.

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  • Silverstripe 5

Installation Instructions

  1. Install: Until this PR is merged: Add to composer.json:

        "repositories": [
    			"type": "vcs",
    			"url": ""

    Add to require:

    "colymba/gridfield-bulk-editing-tools": "dev-ss5-fix-json2array as 4.0",

    Then install this module:

    composer require purplespider/basic-galleries ^3
  2. Visit to rebuild the database.

  3. Log in the CMS, and create a new Photo Gallery Holder page.

  4. You can then create Photo Gallery Pages underneath this holder.

  5. On a Photo Gallery Page, click on the Image Gallery tab, then click Bulk Upload to add images.


Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 13 15 28@2x


You can customise the CMS tab that the gallery appears on, as well as the title of the gallery displayed in the CMS:

extensions: - PurpleSpider\BasicGalleries\PhotoGalleryExtension
gallery-title: Image Gallery
gallery-cms-tab: Main

Automatically Delete Image Files

To automatically delete image files when an image is deleted from a gallery:

Name: custom-basic-gallery-extension
After: basic-gallery-extension
    ondelete_delete_image_files: true

This uses Delete Asset If Unused Extension to detect if the image is being used elsewhere on the site, and will only delete it if it isn't. There are caveats though, so check this module's readme, i.e. you might not want to use this on sites that have been upgraded from Silverstripe 3.

Version Details

  • 0.* = SilverStripe 3
  • 1.* = Silverstripe 4
  • 2.* = Silverstripe 4 (Uses newer version of PhotoGalleryExtension with a polymorphic relation, so upgrading from 1 to 2 will break existing galleries.)
  • 3.* = Silverstripe 5

Upgrade Notes

To v1 or higher (extension moved to seperate module)

  • Change any references to the extension, e.g. if applied to the Homepage type, from PurpleSpider\BasicGalleries\PhotoGalleryExtension to PurpleSpider\BasicGalleryExtension\PhotoGalleryExtension
  • PurpleSpider\BasicGalleries\PhotoGalleryImage is now PurpleSpider\BasicGalleryExtension\PhotoGalleryImage (in case you applied your own extension to it)
  • Run dev/build to update table names automatically (via legacy.yml)

to v2 or higher (individual page and elemental relations changed to a single polymorphic relation)

  • Complete "To v1" upgrade instructions, inc dev/build
  • Run /dev/tasks/upgrade-basic-galleries script to update database for existing galleries.

to v3 (Silverstripe 5)

  • Nothing extra required, just change version to ^3 and note above re extra repository.