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Basic Image Galleries Module


Provides basic image gallery functionality to a SilverStripe site.

Designed to provide a simple, fool-proof way for users to add image galleries to their website.

This module has been designed to have just the minimum required features, to avoid bloat, but can be easily extended to add new fields if required.

Thanks to @OpticBlaze for the inspiration and idea of using colymba's GridFieldBulkEditingTools module.

Maintainer Contact


  • Silverstripe 3.0+

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the contents of this repository in a directory named basic-galleries at the root of your SilverStripe install.
  2. Visit to rebuild the database.
  3. Log in the CMS, and create a new Photo Gallery Holder page.
  4. You can then create Photo Gallery Pages underneath this holder.
  5. On a Photo Gallery Page, click on the Image Gallery tab, then click Bulk Upload to add images.