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File Listing Module

Scrutinizer Code Quality


Provides basic "multiple file download" page to a SilverStripe site.

Designed to provide a simple, fool-proof way for users to add mutliple file downloads to a page on their website.

This module has been designed to have just the minimum required features, to avoid bloat, but can be easily extended to add new fields if required.

Maintainer Contact


  • Silverstripe 3.0+

Installation Instructions

  1. Place the contents of this repository in a directory named file-listing at the root of your SilverStripe install.
  2. Visit to rebuild the database.
  3. Log in the CMS, and create a new File Download Page page.


  • Choose an assets sub folder from a dropdown in the CMS
  • The page shall then list all the files within that folder, along with download links and image previews
  • Button on CMS page, takes users sraight to that assets folder to manage files
  • Supports subfolders
  • Lightbox support