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general purpose logstash client with multiple transports (logging library independent)
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General purpose logstash with multiple transport support


  • tcp uses juliangruber's reconnect-net for handling reconnection
  • logging library independent (there are some logstash clients for winston, bunyan etc)


  • TCP Transport
  • UDP Transport
  • Memory Transport (for testing)
  • AMQP Transport
  • Codec support


var Logstash = require('logstash-client');

var logstash = new Logstash({
  type: 'udp', // udp, tcp, memory
  host: '',
  port: 13333
logstash.send(message [, callback]);



Takes the following parameters:

  • type: type of connection, currently supported tcp, udp, memory
  • host: remote hostname
  • port: remote port
  • format (optional): formatter function (by default the message gets JSON.stringified)
  • maxQueueSize (optional): Restricts the amount of messages queued when there is no connection. If not specified the queue is not limited in size.


new Client({
  type: 'tcp',
  host: '',
  port: 8099,
  format: function(message) {
    message.formattedAt = new Date();
    message.password = '!FILTERED!';
    return JSON.stringify(message, null, 2);
  maxQueueSize: 1000


Takes the following parameters:

  • message: an object what you are trying to send to your logstash instance
  • callback (optional): a function called when the message has been sent


var client = new Client({
  type: 'tcp',
  host: '',
  port: 1337
  '@timestamp': new Date(),
  'message': 'Important',
  'level': 'error'



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