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Organisation containing all projects related to *Purr*


The GitHub Organization contains all software made for the Discord Bot *Purr* including the code of the bot itself!


If you want to contribute, feel free to do so through Pull requests or similar.
Suggestions/Feature requests should be made through Discussions (where available) or issues.

Active Projects

  • PurrBot
    The open source, neko-focused Discord Bot that brings you fun and entertainment since march 2018!
  • ImageAPI
    Open source API made as a counterpart to the popular API with goals of better Discord ToS compliance.
  • Docs
    Documentation of *Purr* and the ImageAPI, made in Markdown and build with MkDocs.
  • Status
    Current status of the bot, website and API, powered by Upptime



  1. PurrBot Public

    A Discord bot for fun, entertainment and lots of nekos

    Java 61 15

  2. Docs Public

    Repository containing the documentation of the APIs and the wiki of the bot

    HTML 5 19

  3. ImageAPI Public

    API created for and used by *Purr*

    Java 9

  4. Status Public

    Public status page powered by Upptime


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