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NPC Adventures (It's time to adventure)

THIS MOD IS IN BETA VERSION! It's relatively stable, but may cause some bugs and issues. Found any defect? Report it and help improvement this mod. Any idea? Create a proposal on Github. Thanks.

Go to an adventure with Pelican Town's villagers! Recruit bachelorete or bachlor and go to an adventure togehter.

Watch trailer video for this mod. Looking for user guide? See Documentation

Get it!

Download this mod on Nexusmods



  • Ask NPC to a follow farmer (5 hearts and more required)
  • Recruited NPC can fight with monsters (with swords and for NPC with personal skill fighter)
  • Various dialogues for different locations (incomplete yet)
  • Can save items from our repository to a npc's backpack
  • If you want to break adventure, then you can release a companion
  • Next morning you can find a package with your items you saved in companion's backpack
  • Idle animations
  • Speech bubbles while companion fighting
  • [UPDATED] Different personal skills: warrior, fighter, doctor, forager, scared and spiritual (next comming soon)
  • Doctor can heal you if your health is under 30% and can try to save your life before death
  • Warrior can use critical defense fists
  • Fighter can level up (syncing level with player) and can upgrade swords
  • Forager can occasionally forage and give you foraged items.
  • Companion with scared skill can be scared when see a monster.
  • Display personal skills in HUD (with mouseover tooltip)
  • Better critical defense fist fight animation and sound
  • Support for content packs and localizations. You can add custom NPC as companion (see how to create content pack on wiki)
  • User configuration (via config.json, see SMAPI docs)
  • Every companion NPC grants a buffs
  • Two gameplay modes: Adventure (default) and classic (like alpha versions)
  • Location dialogues can be assigned by time update in game
  • Prostetic (changeable) buffs for Maru (hold G to change buff)
  • Recruitable villagers can suggest you an adventure (requires 7 hearts and more. Can be changed in config)
  • Companion introduction quests (visit Marlon, recruit 1 companion, recruit 5 companions and recruit 10 companions) - ADVENTURE MODE ONLY!
  • Debug mode for developers and content pack creators (by default disabled, you can enable it in config)
  • Added debug command npcadventure_eligible for eligible player to recruit, DEBUG AND ADVENTURE MODE ONLY!-
  • New documentation for players and modders/content creators
  • Support for localizations in content packs
  • Android support (experimental) Thx @MaxPresi Official android support cancelled!
  • Fight through companion without annoying dialogue
  • Recruit and ask companions with hold a shift key (you can enable it in config.json)
  • Wife/Husband companion auto-dismisses at midnight (others still at 10pm)
  • Quest Framework based
  • Visit companion's house any time if you have recruited them
  • New cursor for ask to follow action
  • [NEW] Mod-accessible API
  • [NEW] Spiritual skill for Emily
  • [NEW] Compatibility with Pacifist Valley (requires Compatibility content pack for full compatibility)

Next features comming soon...

Supported companion NPCs

Companion Personal skills Buffs
Abigail Warrior +1 Speed, +1 Luck, +1 Attack
Alex Warrior +1 Speed, +2 Attack
Haley Scared +2 Luck
Maru Doctor +1 Mining, +1 Luck, +1 Speed
Shane +3 Farming
Leah Forager +2 Foraging
Emily Spiritual +2 Mining
Penny Forager +3 Farming
Sam +2 Speed
Sebastian Warrior +1 Speed, +1 Luck, +1 Attack
Elliott Fisherman +3 Fishing
Harvey Doctor +3 Defense

All listed NPCs except Emily can figth with sword! Married spouse grants additional buffs +1 Luck and +1 Magnetic radius

For some NPCs listed above we're missing companion dialogues. You can help us and you can create it. How? Fork this repo and see Dialogue wiki. You can get inspiration from code. Are you created dialogues? Just send us a PR.

Adventure mode

By default this mod is played in adventure mode. This mode brings quests and events to interaction with your companions. For enable companion asking you must reach 20 level of mines, have granted access to Adventurer's guild and received letter from Marlon with invitation and seen Adventure begins event with Marlon. Then you can ask villagers to companion. Marlon's letter you will receive morning when you reached level 20, you have a 66% (3 hearts for default level 5 required hearts) of required heart level with any recruitable villager and you have an access to Adventurer's guild. You already reached level and you have access and you installed/updated this mod? You will receive letter morning immediately (must to go out from FarmHouse to receive it tomorrow).

Classic mode

Worried about adventure mode? Do you want old companion functionality like was in alpha versions? Don't be sad, just disable adventure mode in configuration. By disabling adventure mode you disable also all quest lines and companion events!

Custom NPCs

You can add your custom NPC as companion to this mod via content pack. See documentation


  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.4 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Works on Android 6 and newer (experimental support)
  • Works in single player ONLY.

Note for Android users

Compatibility with android was revoked and using this mod on Android SDV is on your own risk! Officially NPC Adventures are no longer compatible with Android.

Compatibility with other mods

  • Custom Kissing Mod - 100% compatible (from version 0.9.0 with version 1.2.0 and newer of Custom Kissing Mod.
  • Json Assets - You can use custom weapons in disposition file from JA in your content packs via weapon name (Only swords supported).
  • Pacifist Valley - You can give some love with companions together! For full compatibility you need install Compatibility content pack. Requires NPC Adventures >= 0.15.0.
  • ⚠️ Automatic gates - NOT COMPATIBLE! Companion can stuck in gate when gate is automatic closed after farmer.

Official translations

Feature preview

Asking NPC to a follow farmer

Ask to follow farmer

Companion follows you


Various dialogues for different locations

Various dialogues

We can save items from our repository to a companion's backpack

Using companion's backpack

If we want to break adventure, then we can release a companion

Release companion

Next morning we can find a package with our items we saved in companion's backpack

Delivered items

Companion with doctor skill can heal you if you are injured

Companion heal a player

More features comming soon...


In past worked with us

  • Corashirou - dialogues and texts
  • smirkii - dialogues and texts
  • CallMeFoxie - Multiplayer support compatibility code (Multiplayer cancelled)
  • Reikounet - French translation
  • wu574932346 - Chinese translation