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Dec 27 2020 Release FFXIVMB ACT Plugin

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@purveyorFF purveyorFF released this 27 Dec 15:42

Slight modification of goaaat's act plugin to make it work with the Public API for FFXIVMB.
Right now it doesn't do Inventory information, for that you would need the MarketSense ( closed sourced still) application.

To use this, you need to be using ACT ( , use the FFXIV_ACT_Plugin.dll and then add the FFXIVMB.ACT.Plugin.dll you get on this page as a plugin by browsing to the file location and clicking Add/Enable plugin.

Please note you might need to have a firewall exception for ACT to get this to work.

Future updates will: Detect if Marketsense is open to not send the data twice (right now if you are using MarketSense you should not enable this plugin).

After you have ACT, the FFXIV plugin (to parse FFXIV data) and the FFXIVMB to parse market board data, follow the steps bellow
Click there
Then there
and follow the instructions to make sure that your network data is working, then you can try sending market board data and all should work.