A high-powered, customizable Profiler replacement for CodeIgniter.
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Forensics for CodeIgniter

Forensics is a high-powered, completely customizable replacement for the CodeIgniter Profiler.


  • PHP 5.2+
  • CodeIgniter 2 +


Either load the spark in your controller or autoload it.

class Example_controller extends CI_Controller {
	public function index()
		Console::log('Hey, this is really cool');

Forensics Logging

In addition to the normal information that CI's Profiler provides, you now have two new logging commands at your disposal that work with the Forensics Profiler:


This function accepts any data type and simply creates a pretty, readable output of the variable, 
using print_r(). Very handy for logging where you are in the script execution, or outputting the contents 
of an array, or stdObject to your new 'console'.

Console::log_memory($variable, $name)

The log_memory function has two uses.

1) When no parameters are passed in, it will record the current memory usage of your script. 
  This is perfect for watching a loop and checking for memory leaks.
2) If you pass in the $variable and $name parameters, will output the amount of memory that variable 
   is using to the console. In order to use either of these functions, you must be sure 
   to load the Console library before you use it.

Other Tips

You can change the location of the profiler bar by changing the class of the codeigniter-profiler div (around line 102) of the profiler_template view to one of the following four locations: 'top-right', 'top-left', 'bottom-left', and 'bottom-right'.

Control which sections get loaded into the profiler in the debugbar config file or in the profiler config file.


Many thanks for lonnieezell :)