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Team lists for the World Floorball Championchips in Neuchâtel
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Team lists for the World Floorball Championchips in Neuchâtel


All teamlists are under the folder Teams. If you use Photo Mechanic you can add the files to your code replacements (under settings > code replacements).

For example. If the Australian Player No. 3 is on your image you just type /aus3/ in your IPTC field and Photo Mechanic will replace it automatically with Tiffany Hames (#3, Australia).

The first three letters of each file are the equivalent of the shortcut you can use.

Stationary Pad

There are two files for your stationary pad. One for each arena. Currently all contact information are on my Name, so change it. ;)

Everything else is automated. If you populate the Supp Cat 1 and Supp Cat 2 fields with the home and away team, it automatically fills out tags and titles.

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