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Hi! I cleaned up your code for you! #29

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Hi there!

This is WhitespaceBot. I'm an open-source robot that removes trailing white space in your code, and gives you a gitignore file if you didn't have one!

Why whitespace? Whitespace is an eyesore for developers who use text editors with dark themes. It's not a huge deal, but it's a bit annoying if you use Vim in a terminal. Really, I'm just a proof of concept - GitHub's V3 API allows robots to automatically improve open source projects, and that's really cool. Hopefully, somebody, maybe you!, will fork me and make me even more useful. My owner is funding a bounty to anybody who can add security fixing features to me.

I've only cleaned your most popular project, and I've added you to a list of users not to contact again, so you won't get any more pull requests from me unless you ask. If I'm misbehaving, please email my owner and tell him to turn me off! If this is pull request is of no use to you, please just ignore it.

WhiteSpacebot from

and others added some commits
@pusewicz Added index page 4a71ed8
@pusewicz Added httparty gem b4e9875
@pusewicz Added rspec and cucumber 0ad2fac
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// 2c78642
William Roe attempt to use octopi for github api 9930cae
@pusewicz Lock gems f13ce83
@pusewicz Add client side javascript 584e466
@pusewicz Add twitter widget 8762845
@pusewicz Add example server 99ee209
@pusewicz Update docs 764ac61
@pusewicz Add ability to provide password 7032752
@pusewicz Update docs 5d5772e
Victor Martinez Added config to Widget base class 6519056
Victor Martinez Initialize Twitter widget from config options 13838fd
Victor Martinez Initialize widgets based on configuration options b27b092
@pusewicz Initial js frontend dispatcher 5599eb2
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// c188b4b
@pusewicz Merged changes 8c4e274
Luca Spiller Initial CSS b20b71a
Luca Spiller Update JS to render in the correct format 0981a70
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// 327822a
@pusewicz Added ability to create many widgets
Now backend creates a token (SHA1) per configured widget, which allows us to have many copies of the same widget, but with different configuration.
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// 95898f0
Victor Martinez Added user image to tweets. 31a3dbf
Victor Martinez Support for several widgets + ugly csss 10a92c3
Victor Martinez Merged Piotr's 58f94dd
@pusewicz Change way you boot the app 8e193e0
Victor Martinez Added user image to tweets. ca4e133
Victor Martinez Support for several widgets + ugly csss a682526
@pusewicz Merge branch 'vicmargar/master' ef4248a
@pusewicz Removed merge files a260efa
@pusewicz Update readme 90e193b
@pusewicz Include prototype and blueprit e091e78
@pusewicz Add reset and grid css files 96a3a85
@pusewicz Simple tweaks 123d177
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell minor ui tweaks and bundled gems 78d540c
@pusewicz Fix syntax errors 38a2a9c
@pusewicz Add new gems 7c7d681
@pusewicz Add ability to specify a config file a31fb33
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell logo and twitter imgs added and styled 81cdd29
@pusewicz Merge branch 'marcusleemitchell/master' 7e1132d
@pusewicz Added initial push of tweets on client connect. e2f2333
@pusewicz Update README 2587104
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell tfl widget bc1935b
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell Merge branch 'pusewicz/master' fc0f0d5
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell tfl widgetness ce94bfc
@pusewicz Freeze in gems 4b4cef0
@pusewicz Remove debug line c808b92
@pusewicz Fix TFL widget 1b2f78c
@pusewicz Moved Javascript classes to separate files 9058f22
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// 5ba11b2
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell icinga widget added 2550b1a
@pusewicz Add em-http-request gem da869f5
@pusewicz Make Tfl widget use async HTTP 33c0f65
@pusewicz Awesome Twitter async access 6c9a609
@pusewicz Render new messages correctly 813da75
@pusewicz Fix friendship creation e695180
@pusewicz Don't need Twitter gems anymore c9feb43
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell tfl bf1077d
William Roe Merge branch 'master' of git:// 12710d4
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell nokogiri added, icinga getting async 2661e5f
William Roe Added Campfire widget 12fcbb9
William Roe removed obsolete github related stuff 354990f
@pusewicz Add async http requests 31cbce3

I am so aweome


True story

marcusleemitchell and others added some commits
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell new icons
no border on icons
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell campfiore logo added and mig beer central details added b4e2f7b
@marcusleemitchell marcusleemitchell drag and drop widgets
scriptaculous files (some can be removed i think)
@pusewicz Use 1.8.7 for now with no gemset 3ac9e19
@pusewicz Automatically open Sonia page when server runs 8f25b5a
@pusewicz Drop duplicate line bc3bf3c
@pusewicz Cleanup gems 92311f0
@pusewicz Prepopulate the basecamp chat 5b8cfc4
@pusewicz Don't create a link for the user e206305
@pusewicz Fix config 8374f3e
@pusewicz Rename config file 0fd8111
@pusewicz Ignore example file 7e6a688
@pusewicz Upgrade gems 121d0a2
@pusewicz Remove puts e999323
@pusewicz Move widget javascript to separate directory d6b1261
@pusewicz Remove unnecessary js files 9364ecd
@pusewicz Add logger d472429
@pusewicz Set timer to 60 seconds 3add607
@pusewicz Refactor code 4de997e
@pusewicz Make config defaults different da5854c
@pusewicz Add nicer color for TFL statuses d8f8a1f
@pusewicz Add log helper methods 0787dbf
@pusewicz Improve logging 78f9e02
@pusewicz Add log_info 50c3524
@pusewicz Reorder loading of libs c4c6a6a
@pusewicz Add thin and sinatra 2586298
@pusewicz Add webserver 407530f
@pusewicz Add support for WebSocket via Flash fe95baa
@pusewicz Add rounded corners in Firefox c0684b0
@pusewicz Make author bold 419042a
@pusewicz Remove .braids c5ea8d9
@pusewicz Update README 7493ac6
@pusewicz Add Github widget 8bbd267
@pusewicz Make it inline code aa55d7f
@pusewicz Add favicon d511e7a
@pusewicz Add file extension to github avatar 0c51073

No 1.9.1?


Not yet ;]

lucaspiller and others added some commits
@lucaspiller lucaspiller Update Gemfile and vendored gems 6917779
@lucaspiller lucaspiller Update readme c311cba
@pusewicz Switch to Ruby 1.9.1 ce0469c
@pusewicz Only push nitems for Campfire widget bc9d98e
@pusewicz Add gemset 013c68b
@pusewicz Change host to localhost f91e479
@pusewicz Fix following of new people 5fad59e
@pusewicz Update README 56bb632
@pusewicz Add Config class 4971554
@pusewicz Freeze new gems a1b50f0
@pusewicz Remove old gems ead7d0a
@pusewicz Use new Config class c547844
@pusewicz Remove optiflag gem 9d8e7d2
@pusewicz Add thor and Sonia::CLI
To start sonia type:

./bin/sonia start --config path_to_config
@pusewicz Add Sonia::Helpers for Sinatra
Currently comes with widget_javascripts which
returns an array of all widget js relative paths
@pusewicz Add console task effea5b
@pusewicz Track included widgets e8d6bd4
@pusewicz Add active_support gem 8004545
@pusewicz Add more helpful javascript 013e289
@pusewicz Cache gems 0b33c42
@pusewicz Add Yahoo widget 9fde4dd
@pusewicz Save position of widgets on refresh 304acfd
@pusewicz Change title 69640a4
@pusewicz Refactor making widgets draggable d8497c3
@pusewicz Fix errors with sorting numbers 8790c7e
@pusewicz Add localStorage support 4f3b0dc
@pusewicz Update prototype 3fbda28
@pusewicz Change the drag handle to the h2 header d13a2dc
@pusewicz Moved YahooWeather to widgets 90617c4
@pusewicz Refactor Icinga widget a898885
@pusewicz Move YahooWeather css to seperate file 8db174c
@pusewicz Remove css 06179e4
@pusewicz Log what storage we use e7f864f
@pusewicz Log error message c6c5a75
@pusewicz Shorten container creation code 83a0d6a
@pusewicz Fix negative top and left css attributes b30dc5d
@pusewicz Add icinga css 9f34886
@pusewicz Move Github widget f874e81
@pusewicz Extract and move rest of the widgets to /widgets
Every widget now lies in it's own directory which
contains it's ruby class, javascript and css
@barrym barrym Fixed clone URL 861656a
@barrym barrym Added Foursquare widget 4f66828
@barrym barrym Monkey patch fix of EventMachine::WedbSocket::Connection#send afeb70d
@barrym barrym Added Foursquare to example config e233f87
@barrym barrym Moved foursquare icon to widget 3f98487
@barrym barrym Moved Campfire widget images to widgets/campfire bdff441
@barrym barrym Moved Github widget images to widgets/github ba8e7ab
@barrym barrym Moved Icinga widget images to widgets/icinga 049b69d
@barrym barrym Moved TFL widget images to widgets/tfl beb18c8
@barrym barrym Moved Twitter widget images to widgets/twitter 78a6c7a
@pusewicz Add initial documentation 42a54ac
Victor Martinez Initial RSS widget, example of config:
  name: RSS
  title: Feeds
  poll_time: 20
  url: ""
  xpath: "//item//title"

Signed-off-by: Piotr Usewicz <>
@pusewicz Separate javascripts 59aa4a7
@pusewicz New plus icon 7be1742
@pusewicz WIP pages 8eac4f1
@pusewicz Add ability to add widgets to a page 618509d
@pusewicz Added Sonia screenshot 4b35cb0
@pusewicz Update README b6272bb
@pusewicz Merge branch 'master' into pages a7b5b70
@pusewicz Change image url 846a042
@pusewicz Change image url fc78022
@pusewicz Added link to YARD b9deeae
@pusewicz Add Scripty2 79a16ea
@pusewicz Added page switching with animation bc27103
@pusewicz Merge branch 'pages' of into pages 9b4b98b
@pusewicz Add Twitter link 8000d77
@pusewicz Add new favicon and iTouch icon 814d8f2
@pusewicz Unify makeDraggable 6fa722c
@pusewicz Small fixes to timing and syntax a4adb69
@pusewicz Remove scriptaculous 103392c
@pusewicz Make JS and CSS inline f6f9361
@pusewicz Merged conflicts d911490
@pusewicz Add Javascript JSON class for browsers without
native JSON support.
@pusewicz Resolved conflicts 32e688b
@pusewicz Yup, don't forget that ;] 0231ef6
@pusewicz Update js location 40b5edc
@edavis10 edavis10 Typo in failed response. ed14fb4
@pusewicz Remove sonia_spec 31433db
@pusewicz Add rspec gem 58ad626
@pusewicz Make specs nested 06ac206
@pusewicz Add config specs 1746890
@pusewicz Freeze gems 6df1e1b
@pusewicz Resolve conflicts 7c57bfb
@pusewicz Remove pager for now 5002d30
@pusewicz Merge branch 'master' of 0574704
@pusewicz By default, follow soniaappcom 37a0bb2
@pusewicz Merge branch 'master' of 3890870
@pusewicz Add some stats to README c6995f0
@pusewicz Remove init b741fb8
@pusewicz Add console mock d20be41
@pusewicz Make websocket host and port configurable. Also
make webserver host and port configurable.
@pusewicz Slightly fix the CSS 9c64aee
@pusewicz Add version file 580045a
@pusewicz Require version 89964fc
@pusewicz Add sonia --version command 0cca720
@pusewicz [#23] Add information about rvm gemsets 1492441
@pusewicz [#21] Add comments for example configuration file 5a17441
@pusewicz Change screenshot url 9527e50
@pusewicz Update prototype to 1.7 RC2 2864794
@pusewicz Make the javascripts and stylesheets linked 94067cc
@pusewicz Make rvmrc simple b13798d
@pusewicz Whitespace 3e93dee
@pusewicz Add link to screencast. e75b0a4
@pusewicz Update gems and Ruby requirements 8414755
@pusewicz Update to newest Flash WebSocket implementation 6962b6d
@pusewicz Add crossdomain.xml file e178b92
@pusewicz Update gem versions 6a91a93
@pusewicz Add example upstart file for Ubuntu b3e8473
@pusewicz Update upstart script e7546c1
@pusewicz Update Ruby version number 8d4463d
@pusewicz Remove stats 3c40553
@pusewicz Update rakefiles c705635
Todd Sedano lowering weather number so that it is readable efc457b
@pusewicz Add still maintained badge 410edda
@pusewicz Update gems 9104605
@pusewicz Merge branch 'master' of b8f5468
@pusewicz Add flattr f73792b
@pusewicz Productyion 8d0e134
Marc Lagrange Add Hoptoad Widget, list app names with the error count a45e767
Marc Lagrange Better view for error count using a table 5cd7f25
@copiousfreetime copiousfreetime update to launchy 2.0 36fe467
@pusewicz Merge pull request #28 from copiousfreetime/launchy-2.0
update to launchy 2.0
@pusewicz Update README.markdown 36d8453
@pusewicz Update README.markdown 01d7ed6 Whitespace Robot Remove whitespace [ WhitespaceBot] c92376c
@pusewicz pusewicz closed this
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