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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Version: 1.05
import cgi, os, sys, string, re
quiet = 0
def stats(line):
if not quiet:
print line
def showForm():
print """
<FORM METHOD="post" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
Select options that fit your language below:"""
for opt,optname in options.items():
print "<BR><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=%s> %s\n" % (opt, optname)
print """
Enter filename to upload: <INPUT TYPE=file NAME=file>
<INPUT TYPE=submit NAME=submit VALUE="Process file">
def handleInput(form):
file = form["file"]
if not file.file:
raise Exception, "Not a file"
data = file.value
print "<PRE>\n"
analyzeFile(data, form)
print "</PRE>\n"
def analyzeFile(data, opt):
global quiet
if opt.has_key('q'):
quiet = 1
stats("File size: %6d bytes" % len(data))
stats("Lines: %6d" % string.count(data, '\n'))
data = string.replace(data, '\r', '')
stats("\\r stripped: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('h'):
data = re.compile('#.*$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("# removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('a'):
data = re.compile('\'.*$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("' removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('e'):
data = re.compile(';.*$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("; removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('s'):
data = re.compile('//.*$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("// removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('c'):
data = re.compile(r'/\*.*?\*/',re.DOTALL).sub('',data)
stats("/* removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('l'):
data = re.compile('^[ \t]+', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
data = re.compile('[ \t]+', re.MULTILINE).sub(' ',data)
stats("leading blanks removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('b'):
data = re.compile(r'^\s*\n', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
data = re.compile('[ \t]+$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("blank lines stripped: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('d'):
data = re.compile('--.*$', re.MULTILINE).sub('',data)
stats("-- removed: %6d" % len(data))
if opt.has_key('p'):
# assumes xemacs mode; 4 spaces -> 1 tab
for i in xrange(10):
data = re.compile('^' + (' ' * (10-i)), re.MULTILINE).sub('\t' * (10-i), data)
stats("spaces to tabs: %6d" % len(data))
# Can strip duplicate blanks so long as they're not at the start of the
# line
data = re.compile(r'(\S+)[ \t]+', re.MULTILINE).sub(r'\1 ', data)
stats("duplicate blanks stripped: %6d" % len(data))
stats("\nFinal result: %6d" % len(data))
stats(" ======\n")
if len(data) > 16384:
stats("You are OVER the limit!")
stats("Size is acceptable.")
stats("\nModified file follows")
if os.environ.has_key('REQUEST_METHOD'):
print cgi.escape(data)
print data
options = {
'h': "Strip everything after # (Python, Perl)",
's': "Skip everything after // (C++, Java)",
'c': "Skip everything between /* */ (C, Java, C++)",
'l': "Skip leading blanks, compress multiple blanks (everything but Python)",
'b': "Strip any fully blank lines and trailing blanks (all languages)",
'a': "Strip everything after ' (Visual Basic)",
'e': "Strip everything after ; (REBOL)",
'd': "Skip everything after -- (ADA, SQL)",
'p': "Convert leading spaces to tabs (4 spaces per tab) then compress non-leading blanks (Python)",
'q': "Only produce modified file, no stats"
def handleCommandLine():
opt = {}
data = ""
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
if arg[0] == '-':
if not options.has_key(arg[1]):
print "Unknown option: %c" % arg[1]
opt[arg[1]] = 1
else: # must be a file
data = data + open(arg).read()
print "Error reading file %s" % arg
if not data:
print "No input files specified. Following are valid options:"
for opt,desc in options.items():
print "-%c: %s" % (opt,desc)
print "\nFor example:\n%s -l -c -b file1.c file2.c (for C programs)" % sys.argv[0]
print "%s -h -b -p (for Python)" % sys.argv[0]
analyzeFile(data, opt)
# Called as CGI or command line?
if not os.environ.has_key('REQUEST_METHOD'):
print "Content-type: text/html\n"
sys.stderr = sys.stdout
form = cgi.FieldStorage()
if form.has_key('submit'):