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Microsoft Core Fonts for the Web
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In 1996 Microsoft's "Core fonts for the web" project provided high-quality, no-cost TrueType fonts for use on the web. For the benefit of searchers, these are often referred to as corefonts, ms-corefonts, and mscorefonts. Use cabextract to install on Linux. See the Wikipedia page for much more information:

This is a mirror of all available fonts:

  • Andale Mono v2.00
  • Arial v2.82
  • Arial Black v2.35
  • Comic Sans MS v2.10
  • Courier New v2.82
  • Georgia v2.05
  • Impact v2.35
  • Times New Roman v2.82
  • Trebuchet MS v1.22
  • Verdana v2.35
  • Webdings (unknown, probably 1.03)

The fonts are not free software/open source/creative commons/etc.; read LICENSE for details.

This repo exists because SourceForge's ad-stuffing on the download pages of the long-surviving mirror inconvenienced me.

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