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Fix header levels in the Changelog.

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@@ -37,18 +37,18 @@
Note that the contents passed to the mixin are evaluated in the scope they are used,
not the scope of the mixin. { More on variable scoping.}
-## `:any` Support
+### `:any` Support
Previously, only the `:-moz-any` selector was supported; this has been expanded
to support any vendor prefix, as well as the plain `:any` selector.
-## `Sass.load_paths`
+### `Sass.load_paths`
Sass now supports a global list of load paths, accessible via {Sass.load_paths}.
This allows plugins and libraries to easily register their Sass files
such that they're accessible to all {Sass::Engine} instances.
-### `SASS_PATH`
+#### `SASS_PATH`
`Sass.load_paths` is initialized to the value of the `SASS_PATH` environment variable.
This variable should contain a colon-separated list of load paths
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