This is a sample application powered by push notification which is build with Android Studio.
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Android Studio Sample for

This is a sample application (in Android Studio) powered by Pushe push notification service.

You can see other samples:

For a complete demo app and Wiki you may Pushe Android Demo


You have to add some lines to these files:

  • build.gradle
  • AndroidManifest.xml


dependencies {
   compile ''
   compile ''


You need to make an account in our site at and create an application using your applicationId (or packagename) of your app. After creating your application, copy the content of manifest file and paste it in your AndroidManifest.xml.

By, we mean your launcher activity. It may has another name. import co.ronash.pushe.Pushe

Add the following in your onCreate() method

Pushe.initialize(this, true);

Now run and install your app on a device or emulator that has google-play-service installed. Pushe needs minimum android api=9 and google-play-service version >= 3 to run.

More Info

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If you have any problem, please contact us using this email, we will get back to you right away: support [at]


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