This is a sample application powered by push notification which is build with Basic4Android
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Basic4Android Sample for Pushe

This is a sample application (made by B4A), which is powered by Pushe push notification service.

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Using Pushe Sample Code for B4A

The project is organized in a way that you can use it with minimum efforts. To use this sample, follow these steps:

  1. First download or clone the project on your computer
  2. Go to b4a-sample folder and open the B4A project.
  3. Select Tools -> configure Paths from B4A menu bar and set Additional Libraries to aditional-lib folder which exists in the root of this project. Alternatively you can copy the content of this folder into your aditional-lib folder.
  4. If you DONT want to send costum json with your notifications, remove PusheJsonService from project via Project -> Remove Module also remove below lines to your manifest by selecting Project -> Manifest Editor: I AddManifestText() AddPermission($PACKAGE$.permission.C2D_MESSAGE) AddPermission( ' Push Service Receiver Attribute SetReceiverAttribute(PusheJsonService, android:permission, "") ' Service Receiver Text AddReceiverText(PusheJsonService, )
  5. Run the project.

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