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Pushe official wordpress plugin for webpush


In order to activate this plugin you need to have an app_id.

  • First go to pushe's console
  • Go to the Web part
  • Click on the create new website
  • In the creation page check the field that indicates you are using wordpress
  • In the next page, there is a code box. click on the copy button and copy the app_id

Then in the your wordpress panel go to Add new plugins, search for pushe-webpush, install and activate it.

Now in your left panel you would see a new menu added with the name of pushe-webpush. Hover on it then click on the settings, now paste your app_id in the corresponded field.

And also click on the enable webpush to make the plugin works.

Now you can checkout your site to see the webpush dialog.

More settings

Disable the show dialog

If your website works on https it is not mandatory to show the dialog, and you can only rely on browser's default dialog.

To achieve this you can go to the Modal Options page of the plugin and just disable the show dialog switch.

Show dialog only on specific pages

By default subscription dialog would be shown in all pages.

In the setting page of the plugin you can specify on which pages you want to show the dialog or on which ones you do not.

To find out your page number, when you are editing your page or your posts you can see the page number in the url of the browser.

e.g. post.php?post=2&action=edit

this means your page number is 2

Options of dialog

You can simply change the title, content and button's text in the Modal Options page. And also you can specify the position of the dialog in the page.

For further information you can checkout the documentation.


Pushe official plugin for wordpress.






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