Simple website which allows manual testing of pusher-js versions
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Pusher Test

Available at

The objective is to make it trivial to manually test an arbitrary pusher-js version on an arbitrary device, and to expose enough debug info and twiddleable knobs to allow experiment driven problem solving.


Copy the provided config.yml.example to config.yml and fill in your app id, key, and secret.

Install the bundle if required

bundle install

and run

bundle exec shotgun

Then visit http://localhost:9393/.

Using multiple environments

It's possible to create multiple environments in config.yml and access them by setting a query parameter: http://localhost:9393/?env=myenv.

See Environment#initialize in app.rb for a full list of possible options.


heroku git:remote --app pusher-test-heroku
git push heroku master

Adding a new cluster

  1. Add the new cluster name to this array and deploy
  2. Create an app within the cluster
    1. heroku run rails console --app global-production
    2. Account.where(email: "").first.apps.create(name: " <cluster name>", cluster_id: <cluster ID>, ssl_only: false, client_events: true, batch_webhooks: true, counting: false)
  3. Modify the CONFIG_JSON environment variable in Heroku with the details for the new cluster and app