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Pusher Twilio Example

A simple example of integrating Twilio and Pusher to very easily create a cool realtime web app.

Blog post describing this project can be found here:

To Run this project:

  1. Rename config.example.yml to config.yml.
  2. Register for a pusher account from and Twilio account from:
  3. Put in the credentials into your config.yml file.
  4. Configure your Twilio end point telephone number by going to: and clicking on your number
  5. Update your Voice Request URL to
  6. Update your Messaging Request URL to
  7. Save your Twilio settings
  8. You are good to go...

For Bonus Points

restyle your web template to look awesome. "index.erb"

How to run locally

  • bundle install
  • ruby app.rb

Open your web browser at http://localhost:4566.

Or, if you have foreman installed.

  • foreman start

Open your web browser at http://localhost:5000.