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node-irc npm npm
php w/ mcrypt (if you are using PHP to encrypt the data for the client)
Edit the configs in birch-server/birch_tree.js
Edit the configs in birch-client/index.php
*make sure the encrypt keys match in order to send data back and forth securely
Start the server
$ node birch_tree.js
Open the client
The client is just an example as to how to pass a username to the server and know that it has not been modified on the client side. You'll probably want to change this part around a bit to give the user a username based on their creditials to your site or generate a random user name for the users irc session.
Client Features:
By default the client has a few addons enabled:
* tab nick completion
* highlighting of messages that mention the users nick
* pageination (p to page up, n to page down)
* message notification-- when your window doesn't have focus it will update the title bar when it gets a new message. The title will be prepended with a ! if you have been hilighted.
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