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A jQuery based Alternative Facebook Multi-Friend Selector that uses the Graph API
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This is an client side alternative to the Facebook Multi-Friend Selector that 
relies on jQuery. No server side component necessary which makes it really
easy to adapt and use. 

Check out this blog post with more details and screencat:

To see a demo go here:
Click login and login to your facebook account and you should see the friend selector.

This plugin is depends on the new Facebook Javascript API
<script src=""></script>

There's a jquery plugin and accompanying CSS file

Assuming you have a container like:
<div id="jfmfs-container"></div>

And you have included the Facebook Javascript API
And you have already logged the user in. (FB.init and FB.login)

You can load the friend selector in a container like this:

This should fetch the current users friends and give you the interface to select friends. Then when you're ready to move on, there's a function to call that returns an array of the Facebook Ids of the selected friends. 

var friendSelector  = $("#jfmfs-container").data('jfmfs');
var selectedFriends = friendSelector.getSelectedIds();

These options can be passed into the jfmfs function with a map of options like jfmfs({key1: val, key2: val})

max_selected: int (optional)- max number of items that can be selected
max_selected_message: String (optional, but required if max_selected specified) - message to display showing how many items are already selected like: "{0} of {1} chosen"}
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