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// SUConstants.h
// Sparkle
// Created by Andy Matuschak on 3/16/06.
// Copyright 2006 Andy Matuschak. All rights reserved.
extern NSString *const SUUpdaterWillRestartNotification;
extern NSString *const SUTechnicalErrorInformationKey;
extern NSString *const SUFeedURLKey;
extern NSString *const SUHasLaunchedBeforeKey;
extern NSString *const SUShowReleaseNotesKey;
extern NSString *const SUSkippedVersionKey;
extern NSString *const SUScheduledCheckIntervalKey;
extern NSString *const SULastCheckTimeKey;
extern NSString *const SUPublicDSAKeyKey;
extern NSString *const SUPublicDSAKeyFileKey;
extern NSString *const SUAutomaticallyUpdateKey;
extern NSString *const SUAllowsAutomaticUpdatesKey;
extern NSString *const SUEnableAutomaticChecksKey;
extern NSString *const SUEnableAutomaticChecksKeyOld;
extern NSString *const SUEnableSystemProfilingKey;
extern NSString *const SUSendProfileInfoKey;
extern NSString *const SULastProfileSubmitDateKey;
extern NSString *const SUSparkleErrorDomain;
// Appcast phase errors.
extern OSStatus SUAppcastParseError;
extern OSStatus SUNoUpdateError;
extern OSStatus SUAppcastError;
extern OSStatus SURunningFromDiskImageError;
// Downlaod phase errors.
extern OSStatus SUTemporaryDirectoryError;
// Extraction phase errors.
extern OSStatus SUUnarchivingError;
extern OSStatus SUSignatureError;
// Installation phase errors.
extern OSStatus SUFileCopyFailure;
extern OSStatus SUAuthenticationFailure;
extern OSStatus SUMissingUpdateError;
extern OSStatus SUMissingInstallerToolError;
extern OSStatus SURelaunchError;
extern OSStatus SUInstallationError;
extern OSStatus SUDowngradeError;
// NSInteger is a type that was added to Leopard.
// Here is some glue to ensure that NSInteger will work with pre-10.5 SDKs:
#ifdef NS_BUILD_32_LIKE_64
typedef long NSInteger;
typedef unsigned long NSUInteger;
typedef int NSInteger;
typedef unsigned int NSUInteger;
#define NSIntegerMax LONG_MAX
#define NSIntegerMin LONG_MIN
#define NSUIntegerMax ULONG_MAX