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#include "virtualbrosdevice.h"
VirtualBrosDevice::VirtualBrosDevice(QObject *parent) :
applause = 0;
enabled = false;
QString applausePath;
//This is a tricky part but all we need here is to retrieve the path to where we deployed the sound file.
//read more at:
QString privatePathQt(QApplication::applicationDirPath() );
QString privatePathSymbian(QDir::toNativeSeparators(privatePathQt));
applausePath = privatePathSymbian + "\\applause.mp3";
applausePath = "applause.mp3";
//This loads the file and leaves it in a "ready to play" state.
//Note also that "createPlayer" is the simplest way to playing one sound using Phonon
//and it basically "takes ownership" of the sound sink and that sort of thing so if we
//wanted more sounds playing concurrently we would need to use the less minimalistic calls to phonon.
qDebug() << "Before creating media";
#ifndef Q_OS_LINUX
applause = Phonon::createPlayer(Phonon::MusicCategory, Phonon::MediaSource(applausePath));
if(applause && applause->isValid()) {
qDebug() << "is valid";
} else {
qDebug() << "not valid";
qDebug() << "State is: " << applause->state();
if(applause) {
delete applause;
QString VirtualBrosDevice::getName()
//Just giving it a name for sake of id
return "push.abstract.virtualbros";
bool VirtualBrosDevice::is_online()
//if pointer is valid, it's good to go
return (applause);
//This function is called by PushDevicesHolder before calling "subscribesTo" to all other devices
//obviously, if this returns false, PushDevicesHolder will skip that check.
bool VirtualBrosDevice::subscribesToAny()
return true;
//This is an important bit. The code here checks if the device passed as a parameter is actually a
//PushN8AirTimeDetector. Obviously, for all other devices it'll return false.
bool VirtualBrosDevice::subscribesTo(PushBurtonGenericDevice* deviceType)
if(typeid(*deviceType) == typeid(PushN8AirTimeDetector)){
return true;
} else {
return false;
void VirtualBrosDevice::incoming_reading(NPushLogTick * tick)
//Checking if input tick is a AirTimeTick
if(typeid(*tick) == typeid(NPushAirTimeTick)) {
NPushAirTimeTick * airTimeTick = (NPushAirTimeTick *)tick;
//The AirTimeTick provides all known data from the "current"
//jump/airtime. For example, it'll tell you if the rider just
//landed a jump through the bool "landed"
if(airTimeTick->landed) {
if(applause && applause->isValid()) {
//The airTimeTick also brings airTimeTick->msecsOnAir which
//tells you for how long the rider is in the air
//Basically, when a rider does a jump, this slot will receive
//lots of ticks with msecsOnAir increasing until the rider hits
//the ground. Then it'll receive a tick with
//airTimeTick->landed == true
//and with msecsOnAir holding the final measure of how long
//the air time was.
void VirtualBrosDevice::setEnabled(bool en)
qDebug() << "Setting VirtualBrosDevice sound effects " << en;
enabled = en;
bool VirtualBrosDevice::getEnabled()
return enabled;