Split CONTRIBUTING.md and "Comment contribuer" in several pieces #531

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MoOx commented Nov 12, 2015

To facilitiate the work for #529.
And have something that is easily maintainable, because as @leoderbois told us, instruction are kind of outdated in some places :(

MoOx commented Nov 16, 2015

What do you think about having a simple index page on how to contribute:

Il y a plusieurs façons de contribuer à notre projet.
Selon le temps, l'envie, il possible de nous aider de diverses façons:

- [Corriger une tournure de phrase ou faute dans un texte]()
- [Rapporter un bug]()

## Contribuer sur le contenu

- [Manifester de l'intérêt concernant une proposition d'article]()
- [Faire des relectures d'articles avant publication]()
- [Faire une proposition d'article (à lire ou écrire)]()
- [Ecrire un article une fois la proposition accepté par la communauté]()

## Contribuer sur le contenant

- [Corriger un bug]()
- [Proposer une amélioration ou un changement]()
- [Discuter des propositions d'améliorations ou de changements]()
- [Faire des revues de code concernant des améliorations ou changements]()

Is this enough? It seems like a good start to split the huge and un-maintainable current page.

Macxim commented Nov 16, 2015

I like it. 👍

magsout commented Nov 19, 2015

I think that covers all the needs. It's good to split into several part, it's been too long on one page.

Macxim commented Nov 19, 2015
There are multiple ways to contribute to our project.
Depending on your mood and time, you can help in many ways:

- [Fix wording or typos in a post]()
- [Report an issue]()

## Contribute to the content

- [Show interest regarding a proposal for a post]()
- [Review posts before publication]()
- [Submit a proposal for a post]()
- [Write and article once your proposal is approved by the community]()

## Contribute to the container

- [Fix a bug]()
- [Suggest possible improvements]()
- [Discuss about possible changes and/or improvements]()
- [Review code regarding changes and/or improvements]()
MoOx commented Nov 23, 2015

We could take the content of the CONTRIBUTING.md to move it on the website, and put in CONTRIBUTING.md links to fr and en pages.
Same for the content of the README.

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