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Randhome, the random home page

Do you set your home page to your favorite news website so you can inform yourself with just one click?

Are you frustrated knowing that your home page takes you to the same site each time, with the same perspective, even though there are so many different takes on the news you could get?

Or maybe you try to visit all of those sites at once and get flattened by all the information you see as a result.

Randhome, the random home page, might ease your woes. At least, it helped with mine.

It's a single HTML page. Add your favorite websites to the JavaScript inside the file and set it as your home page. Each time you open your home page, you'll be randomly flown to one of the sites in your list. Over time, you should receive a balanced diet of the news. You'll know that even though you usually don't have time to visit each site at once, over time you'll get regular reports from all of them.


  1. Open home-page.html in your favorite text editor.

  2. Inside the pages var, add the URLs of your choice. Be sure to enclose each URL inside single quotes. Add a comma after the closing single quote next to each URL (except the last URL). Some sample URLs and how they should be formatted are provided.

  3. Set home-page.html to be your browser's home page.

    • If you use Dropbox, you can place home-page.html inside your Public folder, then copy the public URL that Dropbox creates (on a Mac or Ubuntu Linux, right-click on the file, go to the Dropbox menu, and then click "Copy Public Link." As an added bonus, this URL works from any machine.

    • If you don't use Dropbox, you'll have to set the browser's home page to the file path of home-page.html. On a Mac, you'll use something like file:///Users/[yourusername]/Documents/randhome/home-page.html. On Ubuntu Linux, the path will resemble file:///home/[yourusername]/Documents/randhome/home-page.html. I don't know what the path would be on Windows or in other Linux flavors.