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Welcome to the Minesweeper-makes-me-happy wiki!

Language issue first

The raw texts on this wiki are written in Chinese. We will try our best to translate them to English. We appreciate English native speakers to help refine our poor translation and we welcome translations into other languages.

Translations to be refined:

贡献 Contribution

wiki暂不开放游客编辑。有贡献意向的可直接至 进行贡献,合并pull request后我们会手动同步到这里的wiki。
The editing access is currently not open. You could contribute to and we do synchronization between here and there regularly.

版权声明 Copyright

The knowledge within this wiki is from the entire minesweeper community and is collected, written and translated by volunteers. We encourage linking this wiki whenever helpful. We also allow copy and distribution of the entire or part of this wiki when visiting this wiki is somehow inconvenient.

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