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CloudFront cache purger for the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS.
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Blitz CloudFront Purger for Craft CMS

The CloudFront Purger allows the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS to intelligently purge cached pages.

Note that Amazon CloudFront charges for invalidation requests. Since invalidation requests can quickly add up when purging individual URLs, you should be aware of the potential costs. PutYourLightsOn takes no responsibility whatsoever for expenses incurred.

No additional charge for the first 1,000 paths requested for invalidation each month. Thereafter, $0.005 per path requested for invalidation.

A path listed in your invalidation request represents the URL (or multiple URLs if the path contains a wildcard character) of the object(s) you want to invalidate from CloudFront cache.



Install the purger using composer.

composer require putyourlightson/craft-blitz-cloudfront

Then add the class to the cachePurgerTypes config setting in config/blitz.php.

// The purger type classes to add to the plugin’s default purger types.
'cachePurgerTypes' => [

You can then select the purger and settings either in the control panel or in config/blitz.php.

// The purger type to use.
'cachePurgerType' => 'putyourlightson\blitzcloudfront\CloudFrontPurger',

// The purger settings.
'cachePurgerSettings' => [
   'region' => 'us-east-1',
   'apiKey' => 'p_prod_abcdefgh1234567890',
   'apiSecret' => 's_prod_abcdefgh1234567890',
   'distributionId' => '123456',


Read the documentation at

Created by PutYourLightsOn.

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