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KeyCDN cache purger for the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS.
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Blitz KeyCDN Purger for Craft CMS

The KeyCDN Purger allows the Blitz plugin for Craft CMS to intelligently purge cached pages.


Install the purger using composer.

composer require putyourlightson/craft-blitz-keycdn

Then add the class to the cachePurgerTypes config setting in config/blitz.php.

// The purger type classes to add to the plugin’s default purger types.
'cachePurgerTypes' => [

You can then select the purger and settings either in the control panel or in config/blitz.php.

// The purger type to use.
'cachePurgerType' => 'putyourlightson\blitzkeycdn\KeyCdnPurger',

// The purger settings.
'cachePurgerSettings' => [
   'apiKey' => 'sk_prod_abcdefgh1234567890',
   'zoneId' => '123456',


Read the documentation at

Created by PutYourLightsOn.

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