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Counts and displays the number of times that an entry has been viewed in Craft CMS.
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Entry Count Plugin for Craft CMS 3

The Entry Count Plugin was built specifically for training purposes and is used in the Craft Plugin Development video course.

It allows you to count and display the number of times that an entry has been viewed in Craft CMS.


Craft CMS 3.0.0 or later.


To install the plugin, search for "Entry Count" in the Craft Plugin Store, or install manually using composer.

composer require putyourlightson/craft-entry-count

Twig Tags


{% set count = craft.entryCount.count( %}

Entry count: {{ count }}
First count: {{ count.dateCreated }}
Last count: {{ count.dateUpdated }}


{% set entries = craft.entryCount.entries.all() %}

{% for entry in entries %}
    {% set count = craft.entryCount.count( %}
    {{ entry.title }} ({{ count }} views)
{% endfor %}


{% do craft.entryCount.increment( %}

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