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This is a Docker hands-on lab for beginners
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Docker Beginners Techlab

In this Docker Techlab you're going to learn the basics behind the container technology docker.

  • Introduction presentation, what are Containers?
  • How to install Docker on your computer?
  • Run Docker Containers
  • Mount local Volumes into Containers
  • Build Docker Containers
  • How networking works


Getting Started Slides

  1. Installation
  2. Getting Started
  3. Images
  4. Environment Variables
  5. Deleting Container
  6. Names
  7. Working with Volumes
  8. Frontend Container
  9. Embedding the Source Code
  10. Linking Frontend and Backend
  11. Building Your Own Docker Image
    1. Multistage Builds
  12. Troubleshooting
  13. Orchestration
  14. Registry and Docker Hub
  15. Docker Best Practices

extended Labs

  1. create a docker image for your own application
  2. use docker compose to define multi-container docker applications for dev environments
  3. read and study the OpenShift image creation guide
  4. create a docker hub account and create a docker build for your own docker image (Dockerfile hosted on github)

Additional Docs

Other Labs or Tutorials

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