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from V1.0 to V2.0
- Values for option constraints are correctly translated to floats
if value type is TYPE_FIXED for SANE_CONSTRAINT_RANGE and
INFO_RELOAD_PARAMS (possible return values of set_option())
to module dictionnary.
- removed additional return variable 'i' from SaneDev_get_option(),
because it is only set when SANE_ACTION_SET_VALUE is used.
- scanDev.get_parameters() now returns the scanner mode as 'format',
no more the typical PIL codes. So 'L' became 'gray', 'RGB' is now
'color', 'R' is 'red', 'G' is 'green', 'B' is 'red'. This matches
the way scanDev.mode is set.
This should be the only incompatibility vs. version 1.0.
- ScanDev got new method __load_option_dict() called from __init__()
and from __setattr__() if backend reported that the frontend should
reload the options.
- Nice human-readable __repr__() method added for class Option
- if __setattr__ (i.e. set_option) reports that all other options
have to be reloaded due to a change in the backend then they are reloaded.
- due to the change in SaneDev_get_option() only the 'value' is
returned from get_option().
- in __setattr__ integer values are automatically converted to floats
if SANE backend expects SANE_FIXED (i.e. fix-point float)
- The scanner options can now directly be accessed via scanDev[optionName]
instead scanDev.opt[optionName]. (The old way still works).
A.M. Kuchling's original pysane package.