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Grab Github pull requests, and generate a RSS feed, a mail mbox, or just send the mails. Optionally, all chatter therein can be included.

Can be called periodically, e.g., in crontab, or activated by a trigger, for example a Github commit hook.


github-pull-request-fwd rss CACHE.json USER/PROJECT > out.rss
github-pull-request-fwd mbox CACHE.json USER/PROJECT > out.mbox

or (careful!):

github-pull-request-fwd mail CACHE.json USER/PROJECT RECEIVER@SOMEWHERE

Generate an RSS feed or mails from Github Pull Requests and all comments in them.

What mails are generated is determined by the last_mailed timestamp in CACHE.json, which you can adjust with the --catchup-mails option.

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-p, --pr-only produce feed containing only the pull requests
-n, --no-update
 don't download updated data from the internet
-c COUNT, --max-count=COUNT
 rss: maximum number of feed items (default: 100)
-t TTL, --ttl=TTL
 rss: time-to-live in minutes (default: 360)
 mail: send mail via given SMTP server, instead of localhost
 mail: consider only mails after DATE
 mail: template file for mails
 mail: print the default mail template