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rlevi commented Oct 19, 2012

Hello! Looks like bug:

  • now denies default python User-Agent;
  • html structure of search result changed;

so search option doesn't work by default :( However the following kludgy patch solve this:

diff --git a/mgutenberg/ b/mgutenberg/
index 6c6e020..c1206c7 100644
--- a/mgutenberg/
+++ b/mgutenberg/
@@ -178,8 +178,6 @@ _GUTEN_ETEXT_RE_0 = _re.compile("""

 _GUTEN_ETEXT_RE_1 = _re.compile('''
-  \s*
diff --git a/mgutenberg/ b/mgutenberg/
index f4960b6..856fc9c 100644
--- a/mgutenberg/
+++ b/mgutenberg/
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ class HTTPError(IOError):
         return "HTTP: %d %s" % (self.args[1], self.args[2])

 class MyURLOpener(_urllib.FancyURLopener):
+    version = "Mgutenberg"
     def http_error_default(self, url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers):
         raise HTTPError(errcode, errmsg, headers)   

pv commented Oct 19, 2012

Hi, thanks! It indeed seems broken nowadays --- scraping HTML from web sites is a really hacky approach to do this anyway, too bad that PG doesn't have a json/etc web interface. Need to consider another bugfix release...

rlevi commented Oct 23, 2012

Hi! It's kludgy approach, but it works:)
Also, current search url( is deprecated now, and sometimes didn't work(like in #7). However, i failed to find the way for query with author/title/etc on /ebooks/ or /ebooks/ :(

pv commented Oct 23, 2012

Internet Archive allows searching PG contents with JSON output,
This would probably be a better choice than scraping web pages.

rlevi commented Oct 23, 2012

That's nice API. Thanks for the link!

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