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DOC: update release notes wrt BLAS/LAPACK interfaces

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18 doc/release/0.12.0-notes.rst
@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ exactly the same interface as KDTree, and can be used as a drop-in replacement.
A callback mechanism was added to L-BFGS-B and TNC minimization solvers.
Complex error functions in ``scipy.special``
The computation of special functions related to the error function now uses a
@@ -57,10 +56,27 @@ Listing Matlab(R) file contents
A new function ``whosmat`` is available in ```` for inspecting contents
of MAT files without reading them to memory.
+Documented BLAS and LAPACK low-level interfaces
+The modules `scipy.linalg.blas` and `scipy.linalg.lapack` can be used
+to access low-level BLAS and LAPACK functions.
Deprecated features
+The module `scipy.lib.lapack` is deprecated. You can use
+`scipy.linalg.lapack` instead. The module `scipy.lib.blas` was
+deprecated earlier in Scipy 0.10.0.
+`fblas` and `cblas`
+Accessing the modules `scipy.linalg.fblas`, `cblas`, `flapack`,
+`clapack` is deprecated. Instead, use the modules
+`scipy.linalg.lapack` and `scipy.linalg.blas`.
Backwards incompatible changes
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