Set up and use of Python on the ESP32
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Getting Started Guide for the ESP32

This is a get started guide for the ESP32 using Micropython. In the future, Arduino Core and CircuitPython (if Adafruit adds ESP32 support) info may be added. This chip is a great improvement on the already useful ESP8266, adding much more IO, and supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth.

Everything has been testing using the Adafruit Huzzah32, but should work on other implementations of the ESP32 (and most of this should also work on the ESP8266).

  1. Set up your computer and ESP32
  2. Workflow and Deployment the ESP32
  3. Using Python with Sensors and Actuators
  4. Using WiFi
  5. ESP32 Using Cloud IoT Service
  6. Using Servos
  7. Using NeoPixel
  8. Multitasking in Micropython with _threads