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Project: Groundswell

Design Principles

  • Code written is a liability.
  • Independent modules, not monoliths.
    • Optimize consistency, size, and speed -- in that order.
  • There is no code is better than no code.
  • Know your boundaries, and be vigilant about edge-cases.
  • Unusable software is worthless.
    • If it's public, it's documented.
    • If it's non-obvious, it's documented.
    • If it's not supported, it's documented.
    • Users have priority -- words alone will not fix unusable code.
  • Our code is not holy; user's code is not cursed.

Orchestration Paradigm Thoughts

  • Client / Server
    • Pull
      • Polling
      • Persistent Connection
    • Push
      • Event Response
      • Persistent Connection
  • Peer-to-Peer
    • Event Response
    • Persistent Connection
  • Message Queue
    • Subscribe by Name
    • Subscribe by Role
    • Subscribe by Capability
  • Multicast
    • Subscribe by Name
    • Subscribe by Role
    • Subscribe by Capability
  • Others?
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