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Revision history for Template-Mustache
v0.5.3 2015-12-10
- Update master GitHub Mustache project url. (ReadmeCritic, GH#22)
- Use HTML::Entities instead of CGI::escapeHTML. (Josh Lavin, GH#21)
- add script ''. (Chris Christensen, GH#15)
- add 'namespace::clean' as a dependency. (mskott, GH#7)
v0.5.2 2015-06-12
don't use length(@arr) when scalar(@arr) is meant!
use tr/// for counting, not split
don't die if provided context object is a non-object ref
v0.5.1 2011-02-13
Updating dependency on Test::Mini::Unit. Solves build problems on Perl
An optional second argument, `$render`, is now passed to lambdas. This
code reference will render the template it's given against the current
context stack.
v0.5.0 2011-01-10
Initial release to CPAN.