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Tranquil is an app that acts as a basic framework for building status boards like the one used by Panic. Started on a whim, it's intended to provide enough flexibility for almost anyone -- even without a local installation.


Your status board is defined by a basic configuration file, which is specified as a JSON hash. This file (/config.json, by default) will be loaded via JSONP, and will be polled periodically for changes (automatically refreshing your status board). Alternate configurations can be loaded by specifying the config query parameter.

The javascript and stylesheet keys may be supplied as arrays of filenames; these files will be loaded iff the exact filename has not already been loaded.

The layout key should refer to an array, each element corresponding to a 'row' in the board's layout. Elements in the layout array may be arrays of 'panels' (which will be distributed equitably across the width of the board), or individual 'panel' objects (which receive the full width).

The different types of 'panels' are described in the wiki.